M Y S T | C4 Wormhole | PvP, PvE, Industry

M Y S T is looking for pilots who are interested in doing PvP . We live in a C4 with C3 and C5 statics which provides us good connections to K-Space as well as access to lucrative C5 space for ratting and PvP. As such, we would like pilots who, are willing to learn PvP and commit time for the corp’s PvP goal. Come live with us to experience the thrill of J-Space!

What does M Y S T offer:

Semi-Competent FCs
Doctrines for all situations
A casual and friendly environment
An active corp to fly with
Unneccessary killmails (???)

What we expect from you:

Active during EU/US timezones
The willingness to find content by either scanning or rolling
A PvP mindset which matches with our group synergy. Desire to learn and have the initiative to increase the group’s potential.
Willingness to keep doctrine ships stocked and ready
A working mic
Freindly attitude

Bonus if you have/are:

Logistics 4 or 5.
Alts for fast tackle/ interceptor/booshies
2 or + omega accounts
Prior experience in wormhole space

If you’d like to try wormhole space for your first time or you have experience in them, you could join our Discord Server


Some past fights:

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