Magister Mortalis. Raid nullsec with us!



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mind if I try it out, never raided or been to lowsec yet

Hey mate.

come and join our public channel ingame.
“Zen rolling” so we can have a little chat :slight_smile:


Are you afraid of scary wormhole people? Well I was too until I became one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Killboard is green

Hey, yall still recruiting? am Canadian, m/28. can fly loki and many other ships. ive been away from the game for a long time and looking to get back into it. Shoot me a message on discord NumaNumaYae#7546

still installing the game.

Im used to play it safe and got tired and left the game. Looking to blow ■■■■ up. Players or npc…idc

Hi Rudnik Bor

Sorry for the late reply.
But yes we are still looking for pilots who wishes to join us on our endavours in EvE and Null Sec.
So if our US recruiter isn’t not contacting you, then please jump in our channel “Zen rolling”

I might put in a request when I am back from holliday, if the recrutment is still open, I am EU timezone, I dont hope you live in a pos AS we did back in the days, the blackout in null looks very promising.

I can fly most ships up to a Titans.

Have lived in wh before.

Do you do any pve stuff when no PvP is going on.

Sorry for the late reply I’ve added you on Discord once you accept the friend request I’ll get in contact with you

Hi Lordjanuss

We are always looking for pilots who are willing to commit to the ways of bob.
When you are back home from your vacation to the outer reach then join us on our ingame channel
“Zen rolling”

We are both EU and US tz and when we don’t pvp well then you can do what ever you feel like.
Rolling the c6 for content in any form or the NS totally upto you :slight_smile:

The blackout is awesome

Bump :slight_smile:

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Whoops Bumped into you