[MALRO] Highsec PvE, new player and Alpha friendly!

The Federation calls for capsuleers to aid in the defence Gallente space, and Malevelon Roe Industries [MALRO] has put aside its wrenches and plasma cutters to answer that call!

[MALRO] is the premier corporation for loyal Gallentians to rise up and defend freedom!

Operating in High security space we defend freedom from the machinations of Pirate and militant forces

What we offer our membership:

  • A home for pilots of all knowledge and experience levels. Alpha or Omega, newbro or bitter vet, find your purpose
  • Room for advancement in a growing corporation with lofty goals
  • Fleet training: comms etiquette, common commands, and tactics. Never be lost in fleet again! Learn the basics before joining a fast-paced strategic operation
  • A dedicated group for advice, support, and direction while running PvE content: resource wars, exploration, combat, missions, and seasonal sites
  • Free ship program for many doctrine ships - currently Frigate and Venture, more to follow as we continue to grow
  • Ties to [FEDUP] for support and Lowsec action - including solo to large fleet PvP, moon mining, and industrial opportunities
  • Painless transfer to the Gallente Faction Warfare for pilots with interest in PvP

If you are new to the game, or burned out where you are at, consider checking out what we have to offer. No commitment necessary.

In conclusion, Malevelon Roe provides a safe and supportive group of like-minded pilots to learn and thrive in EVE Online.

Fight for Freedom. Fight for the Malevelon Roe.

For more information, come hang out in our discord: https://discord.gg/U2DhgY5

Welcome Home Capsuleer,
CEO, Malevelon Roe Industries


Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment still open, 2 new Agency events start this month, come get’em!

Recruitment still open

Still recruiting.

Sales pitch aside we are a great bunch of people to hang out with/team up with so if your looking for a home we are still actively recruiting, I’m based in the UK (Evetime) so I’m online during peak EU times so if you have any questions please feel free to message me in game.

Mail me in game and lets talk?

Still recruiting, I suck at forums though so hit me up in game (PocketsDK) or on our discord :slight_smile:

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