Manipulate time

Hello, when seconds matter the police are only minutes away. This is why new research is being made to manipulate time. Particularly to reverse it.

Amarr have managed to develop a prototype module that can reverse time about 10 seconds from the moment it is activated.

  • Any damage you have taken will be undone if it completes a cycle.
  • You will return to the position you were at when you activated the module if it completes a cycle.
  • If your ship is destroyed before the time is up the module will cease to work and not be able to turn back time.
  • It has a 10 second cooldown, after completing a cycle
  • It will come in different sizes for most class of ships
  • It requires a lot of CPU and powergrid to fit and a lot of cap to activate

In Red Alert they referred to the technology as a Chronosphere and i believe it can be further improved and adapted to fit on spaceships :slight_smile: What do you think? Any questions or comments?

no !

NO !

so … like anything else oO

NO !

NO !

this would be ne minimum requirement that it need 100% of your PCU and PWG and also 100% of your cap if you activate it !

we dont play Red Alert … we play EvE Online !

its just another attempt to avoid ganking without being lazy …

Thank you for your comment.

The module has to be activated at the right time in order for it to work best. and gankers can use it too.

Being able to cause some ganks to fail with skillful use of this module seems fine.

+1. Props for having played and resurrected one of my all-time favourite games. C&C: Red Alert was awesome.

But don’t be silly, now.

-1 for it being an innovation by Amarr.
-1 for C&C Red Alert reference in a mid argument.
+1 for C&C Red Alert reference.
-50 for the problems with rolling back a ship with the way stackless python works.
-10 for balance problems introduced.

Needs a 5 minute cycle to roll back 10 seconds.

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No to all of this. If this was added, it would be abused to all hell. It would make PvP pointless. And a ten second cooldown? I’d say make it revert half of all damage taken during the cycle and it have a ten minute cooldown between cycles, and even then that’s still unbalanced as all hell. It also better be the only thing you can fit on a ship, because people will still figure out ways to tank the hell out of a ship like that.

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Make it consume like a 1000 PLEX for every second of reversed time. :wink:

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I should add, if this was added it should have a serious consequence. If used in highsec, it should provoke an immediate CONCORD response, in lowsec it should summon a massive fleet of pirates (think roughly 60 battleships, 10 capitals [pirates have those, right?] and hundreds of smaller ships) and in null, it should tell every single player in the region your exact location and allows them to warp to you via the overview. Oh, and you cannot be in a fleet while using this module, so it cannot be used for baiting as easily.

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