Manson family recruiting

A decade old, and still going strong, Manson Family is the founding corporation of the Advent of Fate alliance. Many of our core members have been with us since the beginning and have no intentions of leaving any time soon, but we’re looking for some fresh faces and new blood that are interested in joining us…

We are a PVP corp specializing in small to medium gang engagements, sometimes including capitals for that little extra firepower. We often engage superior / larger forces and use our experience and tactical superiority to win the fights. We put a great emphasis on learning to fly your own ship, and learning from your mistakes, instead of always being just another number in a gang of F1 monkeys.

Just a few things we offer:

  • Multiple roaming fleets per week (primarily EU and early UStz)
  • Special event fleets (e.g. 1shot1kill, our drunk ceptor roam)
  • Black Ops fleets
  • Corp/Alliance JF services
  • Doctrine ships fitted and rigged available on contracts
  • Upgraded sov systems for the bears
  • Functional TS server, Discord and forums

What we need from you:

  • Minimum of 4 months in game and 5mil SP
  • Working microphone, and the capability to install TS.
  • Basic interview and background check performed by me or another recruiter
  • Full API for our background check, and later our AUTH system
  • Team attitude, we’re a group of friends and want a community atmosphere
  • Willingness to join fleets, you don’t need to have 100% attendance

If you want to know more about us, and what kind of people we are, join our in-game public channel: M.A.N Open

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