Manufacturing Strikes

In real life, there are strikes that cause economies to go into chaos. I think such strikes should become part of Eve Online.

As agents in each station Unionize, there will undoubtedly be conflicts. Conflicts that result in Unions going to war for dominance of the Trade. How the new scenario would work is simple. Trade Unions would be established in each station. Trade missions will need to first be ran by the player to increase the influence of the Trade Union that the player is part of. As the trade union gets bigger, hostile trade unions would none-the-less try and stop the bigger trade union from taking all of the contracts. Thus resulting in conflict and PvP between the trade unions.

As a member of your trade union, you would be required to perform missions that boost your trade unions influence in the system and surrounding systems. When strikes take place demanding better wages or working conditions, your job would be to ensure that goods and services are still maintained during the strike, to get products where they need to go, thus a secret agent would approach you to give you the mission. The mission would yield LP for the trade union you are part of along with trade union clothes for your character to wear + ISK and Trade Union ships of destroyer, cruiser and battlecruiser class, available only from running missions for the trade union. At a random point, your agent would tell you that the enemy trade union has become aware of your actions and has sent player ships on missions to destroy your precious cargo. It would be at this time that you could engage the enemy trade union player in ship-to-ship PvP.

Or you could run support missions for the trade union that is striking which will also yield the same items that you would get from running the secret agent missions for the trade union. There would be more PvP in the Support the Striker Missions compared to the Support the Secret Trade Union Agent Missions as the goal of the striker support missions would be to eliminate the competitions product by destroying NPC and player-based ships hauling from the enemy trade union.

Oh boy. Here we go. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a real stinker.

Not how the real world would work with this. Agents aren’t in a position where they would be unionizing. They are executive members of their corporation, able to write contracts with independents. They’re management. Management doesn’t generally get to unionize even IRL, where unions have massive legal advantages.

Yes, unions only really came to being in blood outside of the ones derived from trade guilds, which had enforced their monopoly with violence for decades to centuries.

Unions rarely end up fighting each other. They usually end up fighting either police, their employers, or other industries.

Buckles in for something overcomplicated and impossible to make reasonably procedural

So all stations are seperate unions to start. Okay… That’s a WHOLE LOT of new entities in the universe.

Okay, so the more missions run out of a station, the more the union gains in some influence mechanic, which is not yet explained. This kind of makes sense.

Okay… There’s not finite contracts though, and the various stations are almost always employed by different corporations, so it would be different industries and employers across stations. Which means the unions (which don’t make sense) aren’t at all in competition either in a single station (they’d all be trying to interject on behalf of the agents or against the agents on behalf of the workers in reference to a single corporation.

By what methods would this work?

Okay, but as independent contractors, capsuleers wouldn’t be members of a union, nor would agents be, as they are junior executives.

This is literally the opposite of what a union is looking to do with a strike. The purpose of a strike is to inflict pain on the employer. Making sure goods and services are still maintained and products move is what scabs are for. Or strike breakers.

So these unions would be incentivized with unique ships and clothes? That’s not balanced and would require an insanely large number of variants unless the unions are going to be genericized. And doesn’t solve that the premise of capsuleers in unions as you described makes less than zero sense.

And then Concord comes in and blows up everything because these unions are now risking a war of capsuleers on the scale that concord is designed to prevent.

In summary: No. It’s a series of bad mechanics built on top of fundamental misconceptions of where different aspects of eve sit in the internal hierarchy and missing several core aspects, plus a demand for another meta-LP system, and at least 3 new ships which are gated on playing this meta-mission runner content.

Can we deploy scabs during strikes? Brute force?

Pretty sure the factory process is entirely automated. The only employees that would work there would be maintenance and supervisors.

Oh, I’m certain there are some stations and planets that have hidden blood factories that still employ humans in forced labor. After all, machines can’t vote for politicians.

Haha! your left wing ideals are totally possible, but in reality are they possible?!

Wel, you have the means, So get to it!

Left-wing? Going on strike to get better pay and better working conditions is neither a left or right-wing issue, it’s an equality issue. If you accept such things as equality and no just what you’re handed by the employer after being directed to work a certain ore reprocessing station because your family worked the same ore reprocessing station for the last 20 generations and didn’t ask questions, that’s your problem.