Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

Managed to get in for the last five minutes.

Core i5-3450
Nvidia GTX1050ti

Linux using Steam and GE-Proton9-4

All loads nicely, settings all on high. Unsurprisingly no ray-tracing (not supported on the GPU).
All looks very pretty (didn’t get chance to undock)

enabling AMD FSR gave a Black Screen only on any of the up-scaling settings.

Bug Report and (very boring) screenshot submitted. Ws on another character, but the same account as this chaaaraacter (Terak) - sorry…

The test has now concluded ; thanks all who participated, and please remember to file any issues you may have encountered.

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Very similar issue for me also on Linux as Andrei, also AMD, hopefully there will be a few more play tests before launch to perhaps ID as I doubt this will be supported.

On Windows it was very good, I had an AMD driver crash switching to FSR2, but it was an older driver as I mostly play on Linux now so had not updated in a few months, and it was not repeatable.
I was getting about 80 FPS outside Jita 4-4 which is sort of normal, but there were many more titans that usual blowing up. Enabling FSR 3 had little impact on the frame rate for me.

Ended early? My 4090 didn’t know the taste of carbon

Nope. Only a 2 hr test

There for the entirety of the test, seemed pretty decent, frames and smoothness seemed pretty good. some graphical granularization was definitely apparent and as the scene scaled up in complexity SKINR tech started to flicker which became very obvious with the supercapital ships on grid.
Still as the grid and the fighting and FX elements increased on screen frames dropped but my cpu and gpu utilisation were not stressed significantly. CPU more than GPU but still had headroom. Im still of the opinion that the most significant bottleneck in client frames in large to colossal fights in eve is the speed and punctuality of the servers response to the client.

PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6core running SMT (12 processes)
32GB 3600mhz ddr4 memory running XMP profile
Nvidia rtx 3050 in PCI 16x running driver version 556.12

Win10 pro 64bit build 19045.4529
Eve Online installed on Crucial P5 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

Shadowplay of the mass test (minus the ship setup and minus the 3d spacemousing of the fight once i was sitting in a pod not getting shot:

Uncut shadowplay of the fight including all the extrenuous stuff and the 3d mouse flythroughs with UI off: (still uploading / processing)

also obligatory sharing of cool ■■■■ in the mass test…


feel free to use any of that cinematic footage in eve projects u have going on :slight_smile: