Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, July 9th, 2024


We are planning a masstest on Singularity on the 9th July 2024, from 17:00 to 19:00 UTC
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What exactly is being tested?

  • Raytraced Shadows – Last year we upgraded the shadow system used by EVE Online to allow an unlimited amount of shadows, along with improving their visual quality. Raytraced shadows further improves the visual quality, along with being more performant on many graphics cards due to the hardware acceleration they offer.
  • Upscaling – Solutions from Nvidia (DLSS), AMD (FSR), Intel (XeSS) and Apple (MetalFX) have been brought to the client! Upscaling can help increase the game framerate in busy scenes by allowing the game to render at a lower resolution, before being upscaled to a higher resolution. The client will only present the ones that are available for your system based on your GPU hardware, drivers, and operating system.
  • GPU Driven Pipeline – At Fanfest 2023 we announced that we were working towards a GPU-driven pipeline. While the linked Youtube video will explain it in more detail, this change allows your GPU to be used more effectively by reducing CPU involvement in rendering. While it is dependent on the system hardware, on systems with a balanced CPU and GPU, this can lead to a significant frame rate improvement.
  • There are other various improvements, including some fixes to flickering, anti-aliasing improvements when under motion, and general stability improvements.

We want to test the performance and stability of these changes with a wider audience and need your help!

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the top right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test Instructions:

  • In graphics settings, set Shadow Quality to “Ultra Raytraced” (may be missing on older GPUs)
  • In graphics settings, turn on Upscaling and choose a method among FSR3, XeSS or DLSS. If you are on macOS, please select MetalFX
  • Join the in-game channel masstesting. Instructions are in the MOTD.
  • Move yourself to FD-MLJ (type /moveme in any chat window and then select FD-MLJ the list)
  • Join fleet W or X through fleet finder
  • Wait for the test to start for further instructions

What else should I know?

  • 15,000 Evermarks will be rewarded on Tranquility for participating.

  • Not everything has been localized yet, so you may see words like “Raytraced” in the graphical settings menu in English only.

  • We strongly recommend updating to the latest GPU drivers. For macOS, the latest OS version that you are able to run.

  • There is no set release date for Tranquillity

Edit: Singularity will have access open from 16:30 UTC on the day of the test.


Looking forward to that stuff, was always wondering when will DLSS come as that works better for NVIDIA cards than FSR.

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will we get a fix on directx 12 ? It still do not work in multiboxing

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Is this open to everyone or just Omega pilots?

[…] participants will receive 15,000 EverMarks on Tranquility. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the future of EVE Online and earn valuable rewards!

Not what I’d call valuable. What about, for those who participate, one week access to Singularity with +2M SP (on Sisi of course). I know I’m not going to bother for 15k EverMark.

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How will introduction of Carbon 1.0 affect minimum sysrequs? Particularly GPU?
I recently procured new game computer and I am ready, but I wonder if my older one, which I used so far to play EVE (at low settings), will still be able to run it? :thinking:

I will definitely test both of my computers on Tuesday with Carbon 1.0 :slight_smile:

Omega was never required to be on SiSi

Completely aggree. Evermarks are useless. Nah, my main’s corp haven’t an emblem at all. Really interesting in 15k SP on Tranquility for example.

Good question!
There are 2 things in the CARBON 1.0 release that can help with performance: Upscaling and the GPU Driven Pipeline. For almost all situations, general FPS performance should be higher for almost every system with this release - just based on the move to a GPU driven pipeline. Upscaling can help even more when you’re GPU bound.

Ray tracing is an interesting one!
While it’s going to be scene dependent, EVE is actually quite raytacing friendly with the current lighting system, as the dominant light source in a lot of scenes is the sun. This means that the calculations are fairly easy to do.

There are a few advantages for us with RT:

  • Shadows look better, of course!

  • It is highly scene dependent, but there are times when turning on RT will give you better ‘raw FPS’ performance. As EVE is often CPU bound, freeing up the CPU from calculating anything to do with shadows can really help. For example, in our current build sitting outside of the Fulcrum station, at 1080p with a RTX 2060 will get you about 14 more FPS than using the current shadows on the highest setting. Keep in mind that this could change (either way) as we continue the development work, it’s just a quick example I have to hand.

  • Again, while it’s scene dependent, in the situations where RT costs performance compared to the existing shadows on high, the performance drop isn’t generally big. It depends on the GPU model and manufacturer as to how much performance it costs.

There is plenty more we can do with raytracing - but that’s one for the future.

As for the recommended specs - the current GPU is about 8 years old now, so yes, we’ll be updating them at some point in the near future. We used to update the recommended spec a bit more frequently, but we held off during the pandemic and worldwide GPU shortage.

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Hey folks - I’ve updated it in the main post as well, but for those waiting to join the server, you should be able to patch it already, and access should be possible from 16:30 UTC!

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I dont have stuff near the test area as described, so cannot take part in testing as such, can however report a huge improvement in the fps in the area where I am (Partod) the overall feel and look of the game is smooth and real sharp with the new settings even on a nvidia 4070. cant wait for the changes to be in the main server (thanks guys)

My Eve client is closing the game automatically after the character log-in screen - no participation possible for me.

I gave it a shot but it’s not playable on linux, even with all the graphics options turned down/off. Everything works fine on Tranquility though.

Short recording (SEIZURE WARNING)


Using Mesa 24.1 with a Radeon RX 7800 XT and Proton 9.0

I started 6 clients.

One died at the start.

One crashed during the jump from FD- (sent bug-report for that).

My graphics card is too old - I did not see the special setting, so I left it on ‘High’.

Basic feedback: very VERY sluggish, compared to TQ - where I regularly have 6 clients open (using low memory option - true - because my graphics card pulls too much power otherwise, and client is slower overall with ‘more’ turned on.

Hope this helps.

p.s. I flew ‘regular’ stuff, such as macks, frigs, crusier, haulers - so wasn’t really fit for pvp - ended up being nicely podded :stuck_out_tongue:


Would like to join on the test server

Well that was an interesting test, here are my observations:

In many ways that experience is better than what I get on TQ. Currently, on TQ I have issues around upwell structures, especially on DX12. This can manifest in clients crashing, screens going black and in some cases memory dumps. - None of these issues happened in the Keepstar today.

My FPS was ~60 (idle), ~30 (loading grid), ~32 (fireworks) on my primary client (the one with focus). I ran a second client with the same graphics settings and they saw an ~30 base FPS, and dropped as low as 2 FPS during the fireworks. If possible, I need to base FPS on alts at around 15-30. My system didn’t seem to be struggling at this point

Raytracing and DLSS mostly worked; however, some flickered when I turned on my Serpentis Victory skin. I noticed others in fleet X reporting similar issues with other ship skins.

The one scary issue I have is I cannot run more than one client without the other DCing. My alt client became completely non-responsive on three or four occasions. I had to kill the process in Task Manager to be able to restart the client. What’s interesting is I wasn’t auto-invited back to the fleet, so I wonder if my client was DCing but hiding the DC by freezing. If not I don’t know why I wasn’t getting the auto reinvite as I was back in within 30 seconds of killing the process.

My big request, please please please take the time to give 4K users a bigger cursor on our screen, OR at least let us scale it in the settings. I have lost ships on TQ before because I got shot at and couldn’t find my tiny ass cursor hiding in a bright part of the nebula.


  • i7-13700K
  • 32GB DDR5
  • 2* 1TB NVMe (Gen4)
  • ROG RTX3070OC.

Hi there,
i seem to be unable to log into singularity with my steam account. When using the steam authentificator i get an error, saying steam doesnt support singularity.
Is there any way to fix this?

No selection in Shadow Quality for “Ultra Raytraced” . Grey it out at some time in the future if not applicable.
Upscaling with any selection closed the game and took me back to desktop.

Around 6:15 or so UTC