Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, June 16th, 2022


We are planning another mass test on Singularity on Thursday, June 16th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?
Fixes and performance improvements for problems found in the last mass test. This is related to following graphical features:

  • DirectX 12
  • Changes to texture compression
  • Changes to LOD-ing of objects and textures
  • High-res nebulas

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test instructions:

  • Please join the channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)
  • Fly whatever ship you want (optimally one, which can fight in a fleet fight)
  • Join fleet W or X (should be in fleet finder)

Steps (on command by CCP):

  1. Meet in FD-MLJ, docked (in either station or Upwell structure)
  2. Undock and warp to X-BV98 gate
  3. Jump to X-BV98
  4. Warp to Tatara
  5. Shoot the Tatara (no other PvP)
  6. Warp to Poitot gate
  7. Fleet W: Jump to Poitot and setup camp
  8. Fleet X: Jump to Poitot and fight

What else should I know?

  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system FD-MLJ.
  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test.

Deal me in!

Has a mirror ben done recently so newer players can join and participate? Last test on singularity I was unable to connect due to there not being a mirror yet.

Mirror was june 2 2022, last test was june 9 2022.

It would be really cool if you also added DirectX 12 support on Windows 7. It has been officially ported to Windows 7 by Microsoft, so I don’t know why I can’t enable it in the launcher.

My GPU is GTX 1050TI and i’m sure that it supports DX12.

last time i miss the 2m skill point, can’t miss this one

It supports it. But may not support the feature set. In other words, DX12 is backwards compatible. So while it may support the version, it may not support specific features.

This could be a CCP issue or it could be that you’d honestly need to upgrade.

“GeForce 10 cards do not support DirectX 12 Ultimate. However, the DirectX API is backwards compatible so you can run games that use DX12 Ultimate, you just won’t be able to use any of the features it provides.”

So, while your card “supports” DX12. It may not support a feature set that CCP has enabled. But I’d assume, that’s some of the issues they are trying to solve. Or the fact you are on Win 7. Honestly, I’d upgrade. Win 7 was amazing, but trust me, been running Win 10 since about a year after launch, and it is by and large equivalent or superior. Take advantage of that free upgrade. Hell, the only reason why I’d say don’t upgrade to Win 11, is because it’s still in it’s infancy and I haven’t personally tested it. I need to dedicate a weekend of backing up my system before I’ll upgrade from 10 to 11 and I can’t justify that time right now with my chaotic life. “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” My setup is pretty modern, I have TPM enabled, and I’m still refusing the Win 11 push. But, Win 10? upgrade. Again, Win 7 is an absolute beast, but Win 10 has absolutely provided a stable experience. With modern hardware. All versions have their ups and downs, but considering I’ve been using it for years now, it’s an honest upgrade from 7 in most regards. Heck even on 10 year old hardware it’s pretty good. My evidence is below. Keep in mind I absolutely loved Win 7. If MS would guarantee support for years to come, I’d honestly downgrade.

Additional reference - I ran Win 10 on an AMD FX 8350 build with a 1070ti before I upgraded to the new rig I’m typing on and didn’t have issues. Ran it for a good two or three years. Probably more. But due to personal issues I refuse to discuss on a public forum, I absolutely cannot put events from 24 hours let alone 2 years ago, on a time line. But I BUILT my FX system on Win 7. Then upgraded to Win 10 around a year after launch. MAYBE 2.

My current rig for reference
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (Will be upgrading to the Amd Ryzen 9 5950X soon enough)
32GB of ram (specs aren’t pertinent for this discussion. But it’s fast enough to feed Ryzen)
Win 10 pro (free upgrade from Win 7 pro)

Oracle (AES-429) on standby and ready.

Thanks for participating and helping! 2 million skill points have been added to 236 characters on Singularity.


As I mentioned in my separate posting: I’ve got added several million skillpoints during other masstestings - and lost about 8 million shortly after the last Sever- Update: activated skills were deactivated again ;(

Did you lose the points or are you an alpha clone on sisi?

Deactivated would mean you have the points but cant use them cause you are an alpha clone.

I’m Omega :wink:

But - it’s probably connected to an other issue: already several times ships, mods and loot that were in station-hangars - also disappeared. Just - An activated ship stayed “alive”.

If its in a player structure then yes that will happen

Ok then to this - because it was . And the lost and gone Skillpoints ?

managed to login with 3 characters did moveme one to fd-mij but lost connection on both and could not connect back. adam tengu,amak boma,simon zaonce.

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