Massive BPO Sale

Hello as the title says I am looking to sell the following BPO’s. They are all located in the Jita 4-4. Feel free to make offers, I will be more willing to give discounts for bulk purchases.

Capital Ship BPO’s:

Bowhead 7/14
Archon 9/0
Archon 8/16

Capital Part BPO’s:

3X Capital Cargo Bay 10/20
1X Capital Computer System 10/20
1X Capital Construction Parts 10/20
2X Capital Corporate Hanger Bay 10/20
1X Capital Drone Bay 10/20
1X Capital Launcher Hardpoint 10/20
1X Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20

Structure BPO’s:
Pharolux Cyno Beacon 8/14
Tenebrex Cyno Jammer 8/12

Standup Module BPO’s:

Standup Anticapital Missile Launcher 10/20
Standup Ballistic Control System 10/20
Standup Biochemical Reactor 10/20
Standup Cap Battery 10/20
Standup Composite Reactor 10/20
Standup ECM Burst Jammer 9/12
Standup Energy Neutralization Burst Projector 10/14
Standup Invention Lab 10/20
Standup Layered Armor Plating 10/20
Standup Manufacturing Plant 10/20
Standup Moon Drill 10/20
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher 10/20
Standup Point Defence Battery 0/0
Standup Remote Sensor Dampener 10/20
Standup Reprocessing Facility 10/20
Standup Research Lab 10/20
Standup Sensor Dampening Burst Projector 9/12
Standup Signal Amplifier 10/20
Standup Stasis Webification Burst Projector
Standup Target Illumination Burst Projector 9/12
Standup Target Painter 10/20
Standup Variable Spectrum ECM 10/18
Standup Warp Disruption Burst Projector 9/12
Standup Weapon Disruption Burst Projector 8/12
Standup Weapon Disruptor 10/20
Standup M-Set Equipment Manufacturing Material Efficiency 10/20
Standup Equite 10/20
Standup Firblog 10/20
Standup Gram 10/20
Standup Locust 10/20
Standup Satyr 10/20
Standup Cenobite 10/20
Standup Dromi 10/20
Standup Scarab 10/20
Standup Siren 10/20

Sub Cap Ship BPO’s:

Brutix 10/20
Covetor 10/20

Misc BPO’s

Covert Jump Portal Generator 10/20
2X Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor 10/20

Thank You for looking,

Orca BPO Sold, inventory has been updated

1 Capital Computer System 10/20 sold
Some various capital ship BPO’s have been added

Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer 10/20 - 100m
Standup Co-Processor Array 10/20 - 100m

Contract to Survik Industries please

Drake 10/20 SOLD
Prophecy 10/20 SOLD
Capital Armor Plates 10/20 SOLD
Capital Propulsion Engine 10/20 SOLD
Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer 10/20 SOLD
Standup Co-Processor Array 10/20 SOLD
Inventory has been updated.

EDIT: Astrahus 9/14 SOLD

Daily Bump, Ansiblex Jump Gate 8/14 SOLD

Daily Bump:
Celestis 10/20 SOLD

Daily Bump:
Capital ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 SOLD
Capital Construction Parts 10/20 SOLD
Capital Capacitor Battery 10/20 SOLD

Feel free to make offers

Capital Jump Drive 10/20 SOLD
Capital Turret Hardpoint 10/20 SOLD
Athanor 7/12 SOLD
Standup Ametat 0/0 SOLD
Standup Antaeus 0/0 SOLD
Standup Cyclops 0/0 SOLD
Standup Gungnir 0/0 SOLD
Standup Malleus 0/0 SOLD
Standup Mantis 0/0 SOLD
Standup Termite 0/0 SOLD
Standup Tyrfing 0/0 SOLD
Exequror 10/20 SOLD
Osprey 10/20 SOLD
Throax 10/20 SOLD
Vexor 10/20 SOLD
Caracal 10/0 SOLD
Caracal 9/16 SOLD
Stabber 10/18 SOLD
Maller 10/0 SOLD
Capital Shield Emitter 10/20 SOLD
Drake 7/14 SOLD
Talos 10/20 SOLD
Noctis 0/0 SOLD
Noctis 10/20 SOLD
Porpoise 10/20 SOLD
All capital Module BPO’s SOLD

Daily Bump

Obeslisk 10/16 SOLD
Capital Corporate Hanger Bay 10/20 SOLD

Daily Bump:
Capital Capacitor battery 10/20 SOLD

Daily Bump:

1X Structure Acceleration Coils 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Advertisement Nexus 10/18 SOLD
2X Structure Construction Parts 10/18 SOLD
2X Structure Docking Bay 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Electromagnetic Sensor 10/18 SOLD
3X Structure Factory 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Hangar Array 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Laboratory 10/18 SOLD
3X Structure Market Network 10/18 SOLD
2X Structure Medical Center 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Mission Network 10/18 SOLD
2X Structure Office Center 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Office Center 9/18 SOLD
2X Structure Repair Facility 10/18 SOLD
1X Structure Repair Facility 9/18 SOLD
3X Structure Reprocessing Plant 10/18 SOLD

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