Mature Industrialists with Teeth Wanted [WINTER-COALITION]

Aaron Business Syndicate [AABS] is a veteran null sec industrial corp

We are:

  • Part of the Winter Coalition, living in Vale of the Silent and Geminate
  • Anti-pirate - We do not engage in ganking, scamming or other dubious activities
  • Industrial - We make things, mine and produce
  • Null-sec - We fiercely defend our space and way of life

We provide:

  • Membership of a Sov-holding Alliance
  • low Customs Office Taxes
  • 5% Corp Ratting Tax
  • Boosted Mining Fleets - Lots of Moons
  • We buy Ore / Minerals / PI / Salvage
  • JF logistics (we ship your stuff to & from Hi-sec)
  • Fleet PvP & SRP
  • Discord server

Would you like to join us?

Membership Requirements

  • Over 18 and family friendly - Polite and respectful in Comms and Chat
  • No record of piracy
  • Voice Comms essential
  • Willing to PvP to defend our space
  • Full API Vetting.

Join our Discord Server or in-game channel AABS or evemail Cardinalle

If your looking for a non-toxic friendly environment to play then look no further

With the industry changes you will be looking for lots of different moons to mine. Look no further, jump on our discord today!

Prove you are more than a Carebear and come and show your TEETH. Bigs fleets / Small fleets / home defense. All in a friendly and non-toxic environment. Say hi on our discord server to start the conversation.

Fun fleets every day, learn how to PvP and don’t worry about dying, that’s what SRP is for,

If you are willing to defend you home and your way of life, we want you. If you expect someone else to do it for you join a Rental Alliance.

Still recruiting, looking for some good guys and gals to join us in Null Sec

Are you an industrialist, who knows or wants to know how to make isk, but is also willing to be part of something greater? We are recruiting, so this is a great opportunity

What shall we build today? We buy ore, minerals and moon goo, at near Jita prices. It takes a lot of materials to make capital ships! Want to get involved in serious industry, hop on our discord.

Joining AABS gives you access to everything a null sec player may want. Somewhere to mine and PVE. Somewhere to store your big toys (lots of KeepStars). Somewhere to join professional large and small PvP fleets for both serious fights and a bit of fun.

Another day in paradise. We are looking for some good guys and gals to join us.

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