[MCAP.] Mostly Cap Stable recruiting PvP-interested EU/US TZ pilots

About us:
Located in the deep bowels of the Imperium, Mostly Cap Stable aims to leave a mark in the fabric of New Eden. MCAP is a corporation that focuses mainly on PvP. While aiming to provide the tools for our members to be independent in terms of industry and ISK generation, we value teamwork above all.

We are set up in Paragon Soul, a quiet space that is perfect for ratting, exploring and practicing small-gang PvP in the safety of our home. Our corporation is young, the small member-base we have are tightknit and aim to shape and improve the corporation at a constant pace. In addition to corporation PvP, our active alliance provides frequent roams and fleets for strategic objectives.

What we offer:

  • Experienced teachers for PvP, ratting, PI and industry.
  • Ship Replacement Program to support your PvP activities.
  • PvP small-gang content and mid-range content. Access to, but no requirement to join, very large-scale content.
  • Corporation projects (like industry and PI) that require cooperation while providing you with income.
  • 2.5% ratting tax so members can focus on PvP.
  • Relocation support for people who are set up elsewhere and for returning players.
  • High availability of R32 and R64 moons

Who we are looking for:

  • Team players who are interested in PvP and usually play during our corp ops which are between 17:00 and 20:00 Eve.
  • Activity on Discord, with a good microphone and proficiency in English is required
  • Minimum 7.5m skill points and Omega
  • Full ESI for ALL characters.
  • EU or US time zone.

How to apply:
Join our discord

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Actively looking for PvP enthusiasts!

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