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As Natural CloneKiller’s #1 only fans patron. It’s my honour to point out to you that the pic above is a pot calling a kettle black, Not just a pic of racist kitchen utensils but a phrase meaning you are the same as those who you are trying to insult.

Mocking BlackFlag for,
“is a bounch of multiboxers with zero skill.” - whilst all you do is multibox catalysts around Jita.
Or laughing at them for,
“All they can do is to run to wrecking machine or holesale operations and ask them to help” - when in the same paragraph you go on to list all the groups you run to ask for help
Or even when you say “talking about salty tears on forums lol.” - whilst providing salty tears on their forums are all examples the accuracy of Mental Kitten’s picture of a pot calling a kettle black.

Glad I could help, Natural feel free to send those naughty pics over whenever.

got it now ty

He tainted my friend :wink:

This thread is fun isnt it ?

I even read that stuff in my Eve retirement.


  1. We are happy to be at war with any or all high sec groups. Lets face it, its slightly more interesting than swatting flies in jita.

  2. What makes me laugh is groups like doc per think they are winning. There is no winning in eve. Especially now when groups have isk to spare and citadel war hqs dont cost anything. Doc is just salty as we keep deleting his hq but thats only to piss him off. Its not actually effective. Just funny to do.

  3. The only reason we brought in a few blues was we hoped to get a fight.

  4. Its nice to see others forming together to actually fight us.

Best of all cyber is back. Honestly what a fan boy.

Nope Cyber isn’t playing anymore. Iam just here for the drama.

free bump… and some greetings! Keep it up :wink:

But its good to see that you do the same mistake over and over again.

At some point you press the big red self destruct button.

RIP “best” merc alliance number 4 ! :wink:

Hire blackflag.

We love a good merc on merc war.

[21:15:29] Cyber Fight’r > maybe you are better then me but you should go outside to meet real people

Do I need to post this every time you open your head?

Hire Blackflag.

Hire us for merc on merc plz.

Hmm i even forgot who you are …

Have fun :wink:

And i am not interessted in ■■■■ talking anyway :wink: