Mikramurka Motorcycle Club moves to derecognise tricycles following Skarkon

News from Matar reaches Gutter Press that the Mikramurka Motorcycle Club, one of the most long-standing and prestigious motorcycle clubs in the Republic, has moved to derecognise tricycles as acceptable light motorised vehicles, following the theft of the star systems of Skarkon and Krirald by the invading Triglavian Collective.

The decision was taken following a lively all-day discussion between club members, resulting in several hospitalisations.

The MMC action removes the category of motor tricycles from MMC-organised events and competitions, though the category of “motorcycle and side-car” remains.

The derecognition has caused much controversy amongst MMC members, with several tricycle owners left feeling aggrieved, whilst others feel it does not go far enough, and that the definition of what is, and what is not, a motorcycle should be subject to radical fundamental re-evaluation.

“Three wheels is just insensitive, after those triangular jerks stole Skarkon”, said one Sebiestor man, wearing a traditional East Mikramurkan horned crash helmet.
“I don’t really understand why side-cars are allowed”, added another Sebiestor man. “They’ve got three wheels too.”
“A trike is fundamentally different from a bike and sidecar”, said a young female Sebiestor cyclist. “The passenger is an active participant in handling the machine, whereas a trike passenger is more like a bike’s pillion passenger. Well, except that they won’t lean the wrong way, cos trikes don’t lean at all.”
“The discussion was glorious. Takes me right back to my youth, so it did”, said an elderly Sebiestor sidecar passenger. “A bunch of shirtless muscly dudes and chicks beating each other with wrenches and chains until everyone agrees. So trad.”
“I realise how it must look to outsiders, but it is perfectly safe”, said a MMC official. “All discussion participants wear crash helmets, so it’s just a few broken arms and ribs. Good clean fun.”
“This Thunder Trike was built by my great-great-great-grandmother, it’s been in our family since the Rebellion. But now it’s no longer acceptable ? Times change”, said a Sebiestor tricycle owner.
“I’d been looking for a new project for a while, to be fair”, said another Sebiestor tricycle rider. “Now I get to figure out how to turn this beast into a normal two-wheeler. Gonna be fun.”

Neither the MMC or Gutter Press agents have been able to determine the status of motorcycles on the stolen planets of Skarkon and Krirald.

Gutter Press. News.


I thought the whole moto helmet with horns thing was a myth popularised by Gallente holofilm writers.

The more you know.


The Gallente myth is that people use the horns to store beer, which is silly. It’d get sloshed around something terrible.

Can’t say what other clans or circles might do, but the bikers I know of, use their helmet horns to store, and smoke, their trad herbs.


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