Mindstar Technology - GSF

Are you flying though New Eden cluelessly? have people in local been laughing you and telling you that you’re doing it wrong? Well then you’re off to a great start! Here at Mindstar Technology we’ve been doing it wrong since 2005.

If you are looking for Small gang pvp, large gang pvp, Cap pvp, hair pulling TiDi pvp and corporate pvp schenanigans then our collection of instellear screw ups can shove a pair of underpants on your head and put you right on the front line.
No matter what timezone you are in rest assured there will be fleets going out and a SRP program to cover the inevitable wreckage that your frozen corpse will eventually leave behind. Consequently when your new clone plummets from the cloning vat, hits the cold station floor and you’re lamenting that you’re crap at aligning you can check out our numerous special interest fleets we call “sigs”

What we are looking for in pilots is that you are 18+, have at least 15million SP, and that you’re willing to accept a 15% ratting and 10% mining tax. If this sounds like you then send your application info into us join “Mindstar Public” chat channel and prepare to get pants on head stupid.

Lalu Multipass US
Alterari Phoenix US

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Recruitment is still open. Please join our ingame channel “Mindstar Public” if you have questions or you just wanna know how to apply to corp. =)

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Please drop buy our ingame channel to say hi and ask questions.

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Recruitment still open. Just drop me a mail or join our ingame channel.

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Great Corp , great people , join these guys today

Still open come join our public chat ingame!

Bumping for good friends

It´s still open. Join our public channel ingame or discord to have a chat.

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We are still looking for new people!

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Come have a chat with us and let us tell you what we do.
Recruitment still open.

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Bumping for good friend and Corp

Bump! and we’re still recruiting!

Recruitment still open!

Still looking for more people to join the ranks!

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