Miner, Indy, Mission Runner looking for new opportunities

Good Morning!

I am a 20 mil SP pilot with 5 alts who mine, fleet boost, and are training toward a freighter. I mainly specialize in mining and exploration but I am getting my feet wet with industry as well. I just returned from a long hiatus and am enjoying getting to know the game again, as everything is virtually new to me. I have been running my own corp for myself and my alts, but would like to either find an alliance for our corp, or find a home for my six accounts as individual corp members themselves.

I am looking for a corp that offers the following things:

  1. An easy-going attitude focused on learning and enjoying the game. I played for a year back between 2011-2012, but that was a long time ago and I have so many questions about virtually everything nowadays.

  2. I have a wife and child, so when my fleet-boosting orca, indy transport pilot, and 4 other miners need to log out, I’d appreciate hearing, “It was fun Orin, can’t wait to see you all next time!” instead of the CEO sighing and complaining about having to wait for someone else log in to boost him.

  3. A strong management structure that knows when to micromanage and when to just let people do their thing.

  4. Opportunities for null-sec operations long-term. Hi-sec has been fun and fairly profitable, but I’d like to see the rest of the game over time as well.

  5. Active EU timezone players. My family and I live in Germany and sometimes I cannot be on until later at night due to work obligations.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who’s interested in my little group come on board. Thanks for reading!

hi @Orin_Starhammer

sounds exaclty you are looking for us
we can offer everything you look for
even the long term goal is possible

contact me ingame (EU timezone evenning) or join our public channel “AKIMA Pub”
look at this:

its also possible to join the alliance with your corp
lets talk … see you soon


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