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My mining drone return lower yields the higher quality the ore. I cant find any thing written about this anywhere. Could any one help me out and explain what I’m missing (and if there is a way to mitigate this).


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Can you explain what you mean by “higher quality”?

Do you mean different types of ore? Or the higher yield variants of the same type of ore?

Mining yield is always comparable m3 (volume) not quantity (units).
Mining yield always rounds down per cycle, to fit within the capacity of that cycle. You will generally notice the rounding when extracting larger ores (‘high-end’). For example, let’s say that your cycle is 30m3, and the ore is 20m3 per unit. That means you will only extract 1 unit per cycle.

Here is a handy chart that will show you the mineral content for a batch (100 units) of each standard ore. It also shows the volume (M3) per unit for that ore. A unit of Omber (for example) is 6 times larger than a unit of Veldspar so your drones can mine 6 times as many units of veldspar per cycle but the volume or the ore mined will be the same - rounded down for capacity limits as mentioned above.

Thank you all for the responses

Thanks I get it now!! I appreciate the help

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