Mining missions

There should be much greater variability of mining missions. Players shouldn’t meet the same missions at least through 2 weeks.

More scenarios, more types and more places.

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Have you tried the resource wars sites lately? I find those to be particularly challenging.

CCP could add a bit of variety using procedural generation but the basic structure: warp to bookmark - harvest resource - shoot rats - return to agent isn’t going to change. There is no way the developers can produce solo PVE content faster than players can consume it.

Variety and unpredictability occurs when you create situations where players can interact with each other and that seems to be the direction CCP is going with PVE. Resource Wars and Forward Operating Bases are designed as group content. Most event sites are open space beacons where players can compete for the prize. Solo PVE is basically a source of income or standing - there is a reason they call the PVE career missions “Cashflow for Capsuleers”

Thanks for reply.

This is what they should do right now.

There is so many things that they have to do, right now.

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