Mining with Friends - In or Out of Corp


  • Radar Contact. is a mining group focused on simple high-sec mining. All players are welcome!

  • You can mine with us without having to join our corp.

  • ORCA boosts provided by level 5 skilled ORCA.

  • Hauling services from belt to station available.

  • Voice comms are provided (not required) for those who would like to participate.

  • ORE Buyback is available for all miners regardless of corporation status.

  • Opportunities to do other activities outside of mining will be available to those who chose to participate.

  • If interested, please reply here, visit channel “Full Radar”, or message Crash Jericho in game.

  • We do not discriminate against any players. Please come with a positive attitude and be respectful to others in the group. Remember, EVE is still just a game!
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We are open for business! Come join the other players finding out how easy it is to make some high sec cash! We continue to have hauling support from belt to station for ease of mineral transportation. ORE Buyback program is available! Please join us in channel “Full Radar” or message Crash Jericho in game.

We’re still looking for people looking for ORCA buffs almost daily!


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Mining buyback for people whether in or out of corp. Yesterday five pilots pulled 135 m total in an hour.

We have also been doing regular PVE events especially combat sites in wormholes

We’ve been diving into wormholes lately come check us out!

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