Ministry of Silly Walks / PLdot / Capsuleers wanted EU/US TZ

Ministry of Silly Walks
Curse and class 2 wormhole presence.
We’re a part of New Eden’s most elite alliance, Parasitic Legion. We support NPSI public fleets and are looking to expand our operations, memes, welpfleets, shitttalking and killmarks. Wormhole : we have exellent Planetary Interaction and an option to run reactions. Curse 0.0 NPC space : Pvp meme base of operations. The corp is most active in the EU timezone.
We are an English speaking corp.

•PvP pilots * Explo * PvE * EU / early US TZ
•Willing to PvP and scan * love for explosions
•Future Curse memelords * Alpha & Omega

PACKAGE DEALS (All inclusive):

  • A tight-knit group of helpful people
  • Wh: PI / reactions / explo
  • Curse: regular PvP roams
  • Real life comes first
  • Discord + Teamspeak 3

Interested? Join our discord :
Or join our ingame channel :
Shadow Tavern

Ingame Contacts: Heimdallr the Watcher / Lord Surtr / Captain Dabz / Cambrai Massacres

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Join the elite group of memelords!

Looking for capsuleers.

Still going strong

Become the meme, join the Ministry!

Looking for capsuleers of all shapes and sizes

Come be bad with us

Raise .H3LL with us and become part of PLdot !!

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