Minokawa focused?

how many total Skill points does it take for a minokawa focused pilot… i fail at math and my corp is being a bully xD

Not the typical Newbro vessel: Minokawa

The Website says “147 days”. And we may add at least the same amount for modules, also years of experience how not to lose such a whale, and finally a fleet to fight with. This is not a soloing ship.

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ty my math and brain fails me… ive got a pni and 2 cyno pilots… and my end goal of big ships is a wyvern so need a fax with it to be ideal i for some how thought the fax’s needed like 1000+ days of skills🤦

Probs about 500+ days tbh. (Total guess)

Modules for a fax are not your typical 10d skill

I logged into check xD (Low SP toon Jita Alt)

So as you are already working with cynos, you may find better answers here: Skill Discussion - EVE Online Forums

as Pierre said, this is the “new citizens Q/A” section
I don’t think that questions about fax for wyvern pilots who already have two cyno pilots involve new citizens

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