Miranda Rising Corporation

To keep it simple…

Were rebuilding…

► Were Part of an NPSI Alliance
► Recruiting New and Old Players
► PVP and Indys welcome
► New Player Friendly
► Alpha Clones Welcome
► Discord And Team speak Available

Were also looking for an EU time zone FC so if you have exp and or want to train to be an FC we have spaces available were also looking for a recruitment officer…

Join our recruitment channel if your interested Miranda Rising and speak to one of the recruiters or you can leave a message here…

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still recruiting

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were still recruiting

were still looking for people

recruiting all, come and say hi with any questions

Gotta say, you guys already have some great blues. :wink: Almost ready for null!

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recruiting still any questions join our in game channel

Need more blues for the upcoming move to null! get in while the gettin’s good!

were still recruiting if your interested contact us here or in our recruitment channel

I’m looking to move to null and get embedded in a corp…

hey great stuff what are you looking to do pvp indy or are you just looking for nullsec ratting

I trained as an indy pilot and looking to get into some decent PvP in null.

I’m easy, I am looking to learn too. Never really took the game really seriously, but I have 50b sat in my wallet and about 150 ships and I wanna get my killboard off red haha

ok cool what tz are you an are you available for a chat on our discord

Not right now I’m sat at work, UK… Shh! XD

great stuff were mostly uk aswell
ok well if your interested in joining dude i can sort it out when you finish work.
mean time if you have any questions fire away

Hey were still here still recruiting if interested join our recruitment channel or leave a message here

still recruiting pvp and indy toons

Were still recruiting

were still recruiting pvp an indy toons for sov null, were also looking for someone interested in taking over the recruitment for the corp anyone interested join our recruitment channel