Misguided Souls Industry/PVE Recuiting

CEO returned to Eve and Started a new corp and moved to null looking for all types of players to again grow a corp from the ground up. We enjoy all types of play and would like to grow our ranks so if u think you would like to join The Misguided Souls then give me a shout and we can go from there.

We have a local market developing.

Lots of anoms for PVE content upgraded military lvl 5.

Mining Anoms for Arkonor and Bistot.
Moon mining in the alliance.

NO CTAs rushing off to camp in another alliance system, We do Alliance PVP ops. Lots of PVP to be had with Local traffic.

Alliance Owned space in Fountain with our own system.
Alliance JF service
Corporate Buyback/Alliance Buybacks
Alliance PVP with all sizes of fleets
US/EU TZ players

kratonics pub

For Pure PVP needs contact the Celestial Cartel.

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