💢 [MMDS] Minmatar Death Squad --- Recruiting Now ----

These hoes are dope

MMDS is recruiting

MMDS is Still recruiting

come join requiem eternals top corporation MMDS and ask cermos about the $20 deal.

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Bumped,Bumped,Bumped again…Stop Bumping me.

Bumping again

MMDS is recruiting!!!

Bumping a miner

As always… MMDS is Recruiting :smiley:

MMDS is Recruiting!!!

MMDS is recruiting

MMDS still recruiting!
And We’ve just joined Test alliance, the second largest alliance in the game!

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We’re still recruiting! Hit us up on in-game channel MMDS if you have any questions!

hey what tz are you guys mostly and how many active pilots have you at the moment? asked ingame but nobody around

sorry we missed you Morrigan. we are both US/EU TZs mainly, we have a couple of guys in AUTZ. We are still recruiting ALL TZ’s. but we are Dinos now :slight_smile: We have joined TEST alliance.

mmds is still recruiting

As always, MMDS is recruiting!!

To the top, and MMDS is recruiting!

MMDS is recruiting!