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Minmatar Death Squad [MMDS] was founded by Bladeburner back in 2009. The corporation has been active since and within the recent months MMDS has been rapidly growing in numbers and the corporation is looking forward to expanding even more. We have always been a group of tight knit players and are always willing to help corporation members out. MMDS is looking to recruit both New and Experienced pilots. We are experienced in both PVE and PVP meaning we have the knowledge to help you succeed in both.

MMDS is based in Esoteria, SOV 0.0. One of the safest places in New Eden where pvp still take place. We have lived in multiple regions/area’s of New Eden, from Heimatar High-Sec in our early beginnings, to Molden Heath Low-Sec/High-Sec, as well as living in Great Wildlands twice.

:anger: If you have an inquiries please mail Janna Ruu or Alia Lumen and join our public channel: MMDS


MMDS is a part of Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST]. TEST/TAPI is a null-sec alliance and is a member of the legacy collation, which inhabits the south of new eden. MMDS has recently joined TEST as their newest corporation in an effort to secure more PVP and PVE experiences and opportunities for our members. TEST is formed of 66 different corporations all of which are active and form a strong Military and industrial team and is also one of the largest null sec alliances in the game offering security and content to all its members.

What we offer to new members:

  • Gradual rank progression and eventual capital ship reward program
  • Procurer Mining Barge to get you started in Null
  • Rupture Class Cruiser fitted and ready for Combat
  • Safe space to rat and mine
  • Support from Veteran players
  • Constant supply of ABC Ore (Arkanor, Bistot and Crokite)
  • Friendly and active corp that will help you have the make the most of your time on Eve whilst still having fun
  • Be a part of one of the driving factors behind Null Sec and being a part of Legacy Coalition

What we require from you:

  • Participation in ops held by both the Corp and the Alliance
  • Attend CTA’s these however are not often and members are notified well in advance
  • Must use Discord and Mumble
  • Full API Required

MMDS does not have a Skill Point Requirement however we are a Null Sec Corporation please bare in mind that the environment will be harder an you may be refused on a situational basis

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v18zZWksnC8 - Old Corp Advert
http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Minmatar_Death_Squad - Doltan
https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1860753927/ - MMDS Killboard
https://zkillboard.com/alliance/498125261/ - Test Killboard

Join our public channel: MMDS
We’ll be happy to answer any questions! :slight_smile:

Come fly with us!

Still recruiting

We’re growing in numbers!

Fly smart

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MMDS is open for New applications.

MMDS is still recruiting.

Applications welcome.

Come Fly With us, Everyone is welcome

Still recruiting

Come fly with MMDS

Null sec, pvp, pve
all are welcome

Opportunity for good isk and developing your game.

Still recruiting

MMDS, pvp, pve, pvanything

Come fly with us

MMDS open for Recruitment.

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