Newbro looking for a corp!

Hey all,

I’m currently apart of Eve University and they have taught me a lot over the past 100 hours of game time, though I’ve been quite lost recently due to the massive size of the corporation. This has ultimately lead me to taking a 2 week hiatus from the game, I believe this is just because I haven’t found a group of people I can closely connect with.

I’m looking for a smaller corp that is close-knit that is willing to teach me a lot of the intricacies of PvP and earning ISK. I’m fine if you use Mumble, but Discord is a whole lot more convenient for me, but I’ll follow any rules or requirements the corp has. I’m also looking for a corp that generally hangs around low or null sec.

I currently live in New Zealand, which means I can be on around 4:00 GMT - 9:00 GMT during weekdays or all day during weekends.



Hey Dot, your ad didn’t say what type of space you were interested in. If you want to try wormholes I would recommend you check out NJED. We are a medium sized group focused on pvp. We have a relaxed, RL first attitude and a sizable aus tz presence. We also use discord :smile:. Checkout our ad on the forums and drop into our public channel in game if you want to chat. NJED is Recruiting (AlphaBros Too!) - C4->C2/C4

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Hey, check us out

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I’m looking for a more PvP centric corp in general :slight_smile:

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Hey Dot, your advertisement didn’t say what kind of space you’re interested in. If you want to try Lowsec and Nullsec I would recommend you check out Aideron Robotics. We’re a medium sized group focused on PVP. We have a relaxed, Real Life first attitude and a sizeable EU and AUTZ presence. We also use both Discord and Teamspeak :slight_smile: . Checkout our ad on the forums and drop into our public channel in game if you want to chat.

We need you !~

Darklore United is now recruiting
We are a null sec corp in The Bastion which is a member of The Imperium. Darklore United is the place where you can pursue your ratting and mining dreams. We are a small growing corp where real life comes first.
If you want to be part of something big it doesn’t get bigger than The Imperium.
What we can offer you:
Excellent ratting and mining opportunities. Including moon mining
Industry production.
Capital fleet to protect your mining and ratting ships
Regular pvp fleets, big fleets
Mature and relaxed enviroment
What we are looking for:
Min 10mill SP
Mature and self-sufficient, but we will ofc help you out if needed
Someone who likes to do fleets. (Fleets are fun and it is expected that you do your part)
Easy going members that don’t cause drama. Nobody likes drama.
What we expect from you.
Willingness to train doctrine ships
Teamspeak, mumble and jabber
Be on said TS, mumble and jabber
FULL API check
Do 4 fleets in a month
join darklore recruitment in game

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Hey Dot!

Why don’t you check out MMDS! We are a Null-Sec Corporation and part of Legacy Coalition.
We would be happy to help you out with whatever role you want to fulfil! We have a very friendly community ranging from new players to veterans! :slight_smile:

Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions! Or join our public channel: MMDS

Also check out our forum post!

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Hello @Dot_Org,

We are a very good WH Training Corp/Alliance. If you get a chance, check out who and what we are…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be known

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IN GAME CHANNEL: To The Hilt**:wink::wink:

if you play part time want to get in get some quick kills or learn how with nothing to serious like kb watching etc…

Lowsec/nullsec/ wh diving pvp corp

All small to medium gang size and solo if you prefer.

Then we are currently rebuilding our corp after a small break.

currently rebuilding in lowsec faction warefare space.

if your interested or just wanna chat come speak to us in To The Hilt channel in eve.

Hey, I just restarted myself into EVE with my new corp, too. We run public PVP fleets and teach people the ropes - but we are just starting out. If you want, just take a look at this topic: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

I could help, mail me in game if you would like to talk.

Did you find a corp?

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