Minmatar Death Squad (MMDS) ----Recruiting Now----


Founded in 2009, We have covered many aspects of what New Eden has to offer.

One of the Founding members of Broken Chains Alliance -BCA-

Based in Molden Heath (Minmatar Republic)

We believe that EVE is your game and your journey, it is not for others to dictate how you should play EVE, or play EVE the way others think it should be played.
When you log in and you want to:
PVE then PVE.
Explore then Explore
PVP then PVP.

However you want to play the game it should be for you to decide.

As a corporation, all we are doing is creating those opportunities and offering help/boosts and advice along the way.

MMDS moved back to Low sec / High sec to get away from CTA’s and the restraints of SOV NULL Life.
Playing EVE the way others think it should be played…we came away from that.


PVP: Small gang. Gate camping, BLOPs…Null sec roams/Filaments.

PVE: Mission Running LVL1s through to LVL4’s out of one System Eldulf, either solo or in Groups.

Mining: ICE / GAS / HighSec/LowSec ORE. We have R64 moons and Access to High Sec moons.
Max ORCA Boosts/Compression.

Strucrures: Manufacturing / Reprocessing / invention and Research. (under an alt Corp)

Customs Offices with Low Tax Rates.Free Command Centres.

Free: +3 Implants, Cruiser/Mining Barge, PVP Monthly Rewards.

90% Jita buyback program.

We were with TEST for 2 years and part of the LEGACY COALITION for 5 years.
We have fought against FRT and Winter Co. we have fought against Goons and the Imperium.


If you are interested please join our in-game channel: MMDS

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MMDS is Recruiting


MMDS Recruiting

MMDS Recruiting

New player Friendly.

MMDS is Recruiting

MMDS is recruiting


MMDS is Recruiting.

MMDS is Recruiting


MMDS is recruiting… Play EVE the way you want too!


MMDS is recruiting

MMDS is Recruiting

Interested to join, sire.
-1.5 mill SP
-Frig/Dessie. Currently farming ISK so I can switch to cruisers.
-Wanting PvE for the meantime so I can afford to lose ships in PvP.
-EVE Echoes player (pirate life) for 2.5 years.
-Have grasp of PVP but said activity will have to wait since kind of slowpoke due to the numerous clicklables on screen.
-Experienced in fleet battles.
-Can discord and speak proper english.

Hope to hear back from you.

Hello Ryfe
Contact us in-game via our public channel: MMDS

We can help you along with your EVE career.

MMDS is Recruiting!