MMFW is recruting smallgang pvp players for npc nullsec!

Many Missed Fleetwarps is recruiting!

Many Missed Fleetwarps is a small-scale nullsec pvp corporation in The morgue. alliance
Our approach is being independent, not being involved in sov null politics, and keeping it small to mid-scale


  • Active Omega Subscription for 1 Account
  • Ability to PVP
  • Mic
  • Discord

What we offer:

  • Small but active community in EUTZ ans USTZ
  • Flexibility and Freedom to create content for you and others
  • Corporation level PVP Content in the form of Filament Roams and local content in Venal around our home system K3JR-J
  • Alliance level Nullsec content in the Venal NPC region
  • PVE Income in the form of Burner Missions, under the assumption that you acquire the required standings and ship

If you have any questions please shoot us a message on discord.

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