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Can’t have a game when you want it to be 100% impossible to have cheaters.

what? what are you saying mate, i dont understand.
also, imagine;

the year is 2021 and for the first time in the world of online game’s…
one company dares to defy the entire community by develop a game with saftey and security in mind -rather then just having “anti-cheat” as an abstract after thought, that gets released after the first cheat is detected in the wild.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

What I was saying is that if you want to have a game that is 100% uncheatable, you cannot have a game at all. Anti-cheat makes it harder to cheat, but doesn’t 100% stop it from happening.

How do you cheat at chess? Or rock-paper-scissors? Or monopoly?

Chess cheating, if online: keep a chess bot open to tell you the right moves.
Monopoly cheating: grab cash from the bank when people aren’t looking.
Rock-paper-scissors cheating: keep changing the rules. “Best out of 3!” “Three out of 5!”

That last one is arguably not cheating. That game is also simple enough that it’s really hard to cheat on.

As EVE is a bit more complex than rock-paper-scissors, it’s much easier to cheat on.

I don’t understand your claim that cheating is an inherent part of all games.

Just saying that it’s very hard to come up with game rules that can never be broken.

And while it is good to keep possibility of cheating in mind when designing game rules, it shouldn’t take priority over gameplay itself. Games are meant to be fun in the first place, and if people want to cheat, ban them.

I’m not saying that anti-cheat should “steal” anything from the game design, they are NOT mutually exclusive.
But I am saying that they should complement each other. Game and anti-cheat should be weaved together as one.
And I’m also stating that no game developers have ever thought about anti-cheat until the game was finished. (at that point it becomes REALLY easy to exploit the game mechanics with different cheats)

people complain about RMT and isk- bot’s that dock up 24/7…
CCP says “oh botting is a REAL problem, so we made some new game designs to prevent/punish botting… unfortunately those designs will affect everyone, lol”
& CCP says “we couldn’t find the cheaters without your help”

in conclusion;

  1. CCP is already been doing game designs around cheaters and RMT that affect all.
  2. CCP cant detect botters (because anticheat was an afterthought?)
  3. this game design promotes uncatchable botting, so it was a system-design mistake to not apply real-world scenarios in the design, aka to design it with AFK-botting in mind.
    4. also really questionable gamedesign development regarding stated design goals.

Well, anything is hackable, I will not dispute that.
even the online bank is hackable in some ways as it’s a computer… But at the same time, saying “anything is hackable” is misleading, because what is not said is “everything is hackable given enough resources and time”.

And just because everything is hackable given enough time and effort, that does not mean that everything is anonymously hackable.
So Yeah… sure, a game developer that builds their game with bank security etc, yes, there are still going to be some kind of exploits and “hacks”… but it would be far less than in a game that says “oh ■■■■ we forgot about the anticheat” and patch something in after the game is done.

It took you so many years to finally implement the probably most requested feature for one of the most game-breaking issue. It is great that you did it, however in the meantime everyone I know, including myself has already quit Eve for good, because of this very issue.

I wish you had done this a lot sooner.

I’m pretty sure the online player count dropped by 10k the week they deployed this change you like.

This is disgusting for people using Bot’s software, when you deploy the Mobile Observatory, the software DISCONNECT the account used for camping. I saw that happens today with campers from corp “Akina mountain family” more known by CCTV EYES and Night’s Watch campers. This is TOTAL DISGUSTING with this situation. This way to play using BOT’s software should be DIRECT BAN no matter who is or where they are from. All Campers are BOT’s, CCP if doesn’t want bots should BAN these accounts when they are reported they are bots, otherwise, it is not necessary to have the option to report.

You got them to log off, didn’t you? Mission accomplished.


If you suspect someone is using a bot, report them and let CCP deal with it.

We report all of them as a bot, but as usual, CCP give a daam doing nothing because they don’t care or there are all the time excuses to avoid doing something to finish with this situation.

Have patience. CCP takes the time to thoroughly investigate the bots and bans them in waves.

I still regularly get emails for bot reports I’ve sent months ago. They do ban them if those players happen to be botting, just not instantly.