Mobile Observatories – Live on Singularity

because game mechanics are not in favor of it. adopt or die.

Game mechanics aren’t in favour of any form of casual roaming or small gang pvp

There’s those proving ground things but they’re not proper pvp. I don’t speak for everyone but I doubt many regular pvpers are in favour of them.

I don’t think it makes you entitled to expect the game to honour it’s roots though which was a harsh pvp game. Over the years CCP have narrowed and narrowed the rules of engagement without adding to them. Things like agility/scan res variables meaning you can’t routinely lock a ship of the same class that jumps into you before it warps off, are ridiculous. The difficulty and effort between initiating combat and avoiding it only ever goes in one direction, to make the game safer.

The whinging about this structure is because it’s completed the final step of making null sec a new iteration of high sec. Krabs are no longer in any real danger.

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yeah you’re absolutely correct.
As my playstyles got nerfed out of this game and made me only play blobwarfare on ping basis, I was told to htfu and to adopt… lol