Hello, would it be possible to have a “don’t show me this again” checkbox for modals that overlay when you hover your cursor over an object you haven’t skilled for?


You’re looting wrecks.
You’re moving, because you want to loot these wrecks quickly.
There’s a Warp Disruption Field Generator which you have not skilled on as you’ve got no plans to ever use the module, only sell it.
A modal appears as you left click & hold to drag it to your cargo hold.
The modal stays, overlaying the cargo hold, and preventing you from dragging it in.
You have to move the cursor off the item, and try again.
You have drifted more than 2500m from the wreck and must now go back.
You don’t really want to have to waste 8 days skilling on a module you never plan to use, just to get rid of an annoying message you’ve seen more times than your own wife’s face.
A “don’t show me this again” would be PHENOMENAL.

An illustration of the problem and proposed solution

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