[MODRO] - Restarting Veteran corp in facwar (calmil)

hello! thanks for reading this add.

We are a corp with alot of history and experience in eve who are giving EVE a hard go again.
we currently live in lowsec and are active in Faction warfare, for the reason that we don`t want to wait for ages on a titan to bridge or be a F1 warrior.

aside from faction warfare we also activly participate in almost all other aspects of eve:
*industry / mining
*Null pvp
*low pvp
*sometimes even higsec pvp
*PVE in all forms
*occaisonal wormhole diving

but most of all, just have some laid back yet thrilling fun. as our killboard can explain for itself:

we are from all Timezones, our US TZ most active.

what we are offering:
*SRP and ship handout for Ops
*a wide variety of helpfull people with alot of different backgrounds who you one day call Friends
*the freedom to do whatever you want (NO CTA`s, just ops) and people who can join you
*RL comes first
*if i can say so myself good solo and small gang PVPers

what we ask:
*activity, and we dont mean hours online. but to do stuff with the corp when oppertunitys present themselfs
*active use of Discord voice comms when online
*bitter vet or newbro are all welcome.

so if you want to play EVE without the downsides contact me/ us in or out of game
our Discord Link



Come join us and learn how to pvp, make isk and have a good time doin it

Giving this the good ol bumpy.

Caldari Pirate Nation!

Our corp is still looking for new and old misfits who like fast and good content.

Always looking for people to share the Mothers love

Are you interested in instant PVP and still have a place to call home.
Contact us

Bumping to thr top.

Free ships for new players and good vibes for vet players.
Here to ■■■■ around AND FIND OUT

Growing lowsec pvp corp with room for pve. Join the content