Nullsec PVP Corp with a Indy core looking for YOU! - [MODRO]

hello! thanks for reading this add.

We are a corp with alot of history and experience in eve who are giving EVE a hard go again.
we currently live in Nullsec (Drone space) and are primarily focusd on fleet PVP and small roams with a solid industry Core

aside from Nullsec we also activley participate in almost all other aspects of eve:
*industry / (moon) mining / gas huffing
*low pvp
*Faction Warfare
*sometimes even higsec pvp
*PVE in all forms (ratting/ crabbing solo and in groups)
*occaisonal wormhole diving

but most of all, just have some laid back yet thrilling fun. as our killboard can explain for itself:

we are from all Timezones, our US/EU TZ most active.

what we are offering:
*SRP and ship handout for both alliance and Corp Ops
*a wide variety of helpfull people with alot of different backgrounds who you one day call Friends
*the freedom to do whatever you want as long you are willing to do stuff together
*RL comes first

what we ask:
*activity, and we dont mean hours online. but to do stuff with the corp when oppertunitys present themselfs
*active use of Discord voice comms when online
*bitter vet or newbro (20 mil SP) are all welcome.

so if you want to play EVE without the downsides contact me/ us in or out of game
our Discord Link

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Hello @Bombrun
Good morning
I present I’m Adams Kev I’ve been playing Eve online for 8 years and I have a problem with my laptop I can’t play Eve and I’m going to see her with my family to buy a new pc anyway and if you know questions don’t hesitate for sure all the same I have a discord know Adams Kev #4152 and my activity know PVE and pvp and manufacturing T1 ships and I’m alpha and if you don’t understand me at all I have a disability problem and I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I am not yet an omega for the moment know to warn you anyway if you speak in English or French or any foreign languages

MODRO looking for fresh meat for the grinder!

Feel free to jump on our discord. Asking questions is always free

love modro baby

Come and say Hi in our discord channrl

modro is a awesome corp

Hit us up for a good place to call home

We are still looking for people. In house logistics to and from Jita! We can assist in getting your stuff here

Come Join us!

Hop on our discord and cone say hi

Still looking for fresh blood

Are you the one looking for a new place to actualy call home. Come join us

Do t hesitate to jump in our discord. Asking questions is free

How about you come say hi!

Always welcome to come and have a chat