Mods Please Close


Sisters Of Eve > 7.0 Reputation
Servant Sisters Of Eve > 3.4 Reputation

Magic 14 all to V
Light Combat Drones V
Medium Combat Drones V
Great Drone Support Skills
All Racial Frigates V
Assault Frigates V
All Small Turrets V
Rockets V
Medium Hybrid Turrets V
Cybernetics V
Gallente Destroyer & Cruiser V

Clone 1:
Full High Grade Slaves + Omega

  • Exploration Implants Slots 7-10

Clone 2:
Full High Grade Crystals + Omega

  • Brawler Rattlesnake Implants Slots 7-10

Clone 3:
Full High Grade Ascendancy (No Omega, WS-615 Instead)

  • Mission Burner Implants Slots 7-10 (Machariel focused)

Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
In NPC Corp
No Kill Rights


18 bil

18.5 bil

19 bil


Price reduced to 25B OBO

Sold via in-game offer. Mods please close.

your topic title should say “sold” then.

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