Mom, why don't you wake up? [Holy Mother Order]

(Whitney Stevens) #1

High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec Miners and New players: you have been cheated.

You have been cheated since the very first moment you created your account, you have been cheated by those you considered your friends, you have been cheated even not on purpose. But you have been cheated.

Big corporations need you. They tax you for making your living wherever you are. They tax you for financing themselves and their war machine. They lied to you.

You joined the game overwhelmed by all those stories about big battles and betrayals, dreaming with being part of it. You wanted to be part of it. Tell yourself the truth, you wanted to be part of one empire’s politics. So, they tell you what to do. Mining, ratting, salvaging… routinary stuff for making some isk for living while waiting for the skill queue to complete while wondering how much time is left for you to be able to afford the ship you want.

That’s why many people quit.

In New Eden there’s no good or bad. Have you ever thought about what fills this void? Chaos and Order.

Order: Big corporations managing lot of solar systems, working as a machine, only thinking in producing. Telling you to do the routinary work for some charity ISK. Smashing any possibility for a group of friends to have a little space in this universe. To explore this universe. Subjugating yourself.

Chaos: You haven’t tried. You are terrified of “losing” your account, because you have really believed in the fake-truth of progress. What if chaos brings you the fun you are taking away from yourself, because you are too obsessed with your progress?

In a universe where there are no rules, why do you want to choose accepting big alliance’s rules? Why have you chosen scamming and ganking are bad instead accepting they are also different experiences in this game? Are you afraid of taking this path?

Miners, you are not an enemy.
New players, you are welcome.
Carebears, we are willing to help you.

And yes, we have Discord.
For more information, please contact Holy Mother Order [.HMO.]