Mongolian Fire Squad - WH PvP Corp

Have you ever wanted to wander the vastness of wormhole space with a group of Mongols? Do you ever feel the urge to club baby seals? What about gambling away your ratting fortune on the hypernet? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Mongolian Fire Squad might be the corporation you are looking for.

What we offer:

  • US/EU time zone
  • Small gang PvP , blops, and roams
  • Multiple ISK making opportunities
  • Industry and excellent PI
  • Corporate buyback program
  • Wormhole mapping
  • Free ships for logistics pilots

What we require:

  • Omega accounts only
  • 10m skill points
  • Microphone and Discord for comms
  • SeAT verification

Join MFS Public game channel or Discord for more info.
Discord Link