Monthly report regarding player activety

Just like monthly economic report, CCP provides monthly report on:

Number of omega accounts during the past month.
Number of Alpha accounts during the past month.
Number of active Omega and Alpha accounts. (active account is a account that has logged in at least 4 times in the past month, or once a week).

report on the number or items that has been sold in the new Eden store by category.

Not of these information release to the public is sensitive corporation information, annual financial statements of CCP, just as any company, are public record and their revenues in those statements show this information anyways (with some calculation and guessing).


So you want to spoil Eve?

Do shut up.

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Yeah, but it might be sensitive commercial information. CCP used to publish information on subscriptions, but not since 2013. They must have a reason for changing their policy and while I’d also love if this information was published (and a whole lot of other data made open too), I doubt they’ll do it.


The information would certainly be useful, but so is its absence.

MMO companies (and other companies with “network effects”) stop sharing statistics of this kind when they’ve realized they’re past their peak participation levels: say at around peak minus 20%, with a trend established.

Once they stop providing numbers, they won’t do it again even if the trend becomes consistently flat (which can mean the business is stable and healthy).

Next chance will be after the reverse - a trend that shows consistent growth, and has passed an “impressive” milestone (which doesn’t have to be the historic peak). CCP will have to solve the “new-player retention issue” for this to happen, and they’ve only just started to think it matters.

Practically asking them to release financial statements for free. Don’t expect this to happen anytime soon.

I believe Icelandic companies are required to send yearly finance statements to a government body in Iceland and that body can send you the statements for a fee (so they are publicly available). However, whether that still applies after the acquisition by pearl abyss i don’t know.

I mean they just ran an event that gave over a month of free training time just for logging in.

that should tell you all you need to know about the daily numbers

So when seeing a trend down in subs an investor can’t interpret that?

No -1

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