More fun, less pressure

ICON Libertas, proud member of Fraternity

Whether an experienced PvPer or new to fleeting, an industrialist, a miner, a ratter, an expert at insulting banter, or any combination of the above, we want to talk with you.

Opportunities for all kinds of PvP from small roams, training classes, organized fleets, and giant history-making fights. With plenty of opportunities to watch exploding ships and enemy tears before flying home in fine formation with your battle buddies.

ISK-making options in both null and low sec space, high value moons, industry, exploring, or your own ideas you might want to try with your ICON friends. A good community to talk with while playing.

Minimum 10,000,000 skill points.
Must be committed to joining two or more fleets a month.

Talk with Arrowspeeed Bounty (yes, that’s three "e"s), or come to ICON_Public.

Still recruiting

We’re still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

We’re still recruiting!

We’re still looking for recruits!

Need a corp? Come check us out! Head to ICON_Public in game!

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