More mouseover info in Planetary Production dialog

Currently the new Planetary Production dialog shows production, storage and the items in each. Mousing over the storage items shows the amount, the item name, the estimated price etc. Mousing over the storage icon shows the estimated price of the total of the items stored.

I think it would be great to add the info about the extractors for the Extraction items.

I would like to see the “soonest to expire” on the main Extraction icon
For each of the items I would like to see the total remaining to be extracted and the time of expiration for the extractor

For production maybe the final date/time for the production queue to finish based on the items in the queue or if that is too onerous to calculate maybe that just shows the longest time for production remaining or the shortest, whichever makes the most sense.
For the production items maybe the time remaining for production of each

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