Most Valuable Players - 2019 and the Decade [nominate]

Most Valuable Players - 2019 and the Decade
Do this now (closed in 6 hours), winners announced in 24 hrs.

2019 MVP
Every year we highlight a player, group, and event (where players participated) that were most valuable to EVE Online. Award winners are players that shaped events inside and outside the game, influencing the path of EVE history or sparking the imaginations of others. The nominations include players that pioneered, disrupted, influenced numerous others. This year we want your submissions (nominations) from 2019.

Past winners:
2017 - Aryth, Initiative, Triumverate
2018 - Pando, TEST

This year we look back at the whole decade 2009-2019 and highlight a player, group, and event (where players participated) that were most valuable to EVE Online.

Winners announced in Talking in Stations Discord - Live streamed on [TIS Twitch] DEC 31, 17:00 UTC (9 AM pacific / Noon Eastern). ( Watch here for details. :trophy:

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In before someone says James 315.

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James 315
No but actually Jason Kushion, he’s generated so many salty Reddit threads.

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Haha. Almost got James 315 nominated. He’s a hefty writer

You, Matterall, for what you do for Eve Online and it’s community, no reason i shouldn’t be able to Nominate you :slight_smile:

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Chribba, Rooks and Kings, karmafleet, loyalanon, Kannibal Kane, Globby, The Judge,

Redline XIII - he’s had more reddit thread’s than anybody this year
Blazingbunny - If he’d of won CSM we wouldn’t have to deal with sort

I nominate Rhiload the mean come on…

For the decade, I’ll throw Johnny Splunk and Eve Scout for the easy access to and from Thera that they have provided for years now.

Loyalanon, James 315, Siegfried Cohenberg


elo knight

What a worthless topic and discussion.

The winners are the one from their own big gorups.

Aryth winning in the past? What the actual fuckshit is this?

Seddo for his crazy fleets!

Decade MVPs:

Player: Squizz Caphinator
Group: Goons
Event: B-R5RB

in 2017 - Delve was popping with economic recovery and producing the games largest armada of Titans. Look what it did to Tribute a year and a half later. That Delve setup plan was in large part due to Aryth. Thats why he won that year.

Back then he was only knows as a CSM member. We brought to the audience the more important facet of his contributions to Goons, and thus the game.

He’s not at all a personal favorite, but he deserved it that year.

James 315 obviously.

Who the f is Aryth and Pando?

Someone from a backwater null hole apparently. Corpo promoter responsible for rise in farming there.

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