Multi Toons Pilot Looking for new Home


I am Considering a change and i am looking for a new Home in 0.0 space.
I am looking for fun and mature environment where a group can help and look out for each other .
Content for small medium sized fleets .
Ability to learn especially when it comes to Pvp
i have 5 toons specializing in many fields
Main over 100mill sp sub-capital pilot specialized in bombers, AF, cruisers …
Alt1 Capital pilot 54mill sp specialized in Dreads and training to fax
Alt2 Sub capital 34mill sp dictor and af pilot going gor heavy tackle
alt3 12mill hauler training to be rorqual pilot
Alt 4 13mill industry pilot
And other alts for cyno’s and PI

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Hey there! If you are interested in worm hole space, give the fine people at Phantom Operatives a shout! We’re super casual WH corp that farms C3’s and take advantage of whatever pvp opportunities the hole provides us, as well as a budding industrial complex for manufacturing and production. Anyway, I hope to seeya around! Please send me an in-game mail if your interested, or haunt the channel “Phantom-PUB”! Thanks and have a great day!

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Hey dude. RDC is based in Syndicate - NPC nullsec and we do all of what you’re looking for.

Hit us up in game at Red Steele channel

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Hey there Hugh,

Federation of Freedom Fighters is looking for more PvP capable pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec. .

We offer:

-Daily PvP
-Competent FCs
-Corp owned Keepstar and Sotiyo
-Great space for isk making rather it be Super Ratting or Rorq Mining
-SRP (Ship Refund/Replacement Program) for all subcap fleets.
-Nice size ISK rewards for corp killboard scores monthly for Topkills & Top solo. (More to be added soon)
-Fleet ships available on corp contract and or handed out at fleet form ups.
-Discord and Team speak for Corp communications.
-Awesome ticker F-OFF
-We cover EU, early US, and late US TZs, with some ANZ.
-We do require an ESI check and voice comms interview.

If you would like to learn more you can contact me either in game or on Discord(Justin Starr STARR#8251)

Also you can join our in game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW and speak to a recruiter.


I believe you’d be a great fit with us here at Astrotech. We have over 50 years experience between our senior members and have trained many other pilots over the last several years. We are a mature group who likes to fly together first and foremost. We have a wide variety of activities from corp roams up to large coalition level capital bashes.
We also have a sister corp, Offworld Mining that is our industrial backbone and has the resources and the knowledge you can use to grow.
Please click to chat with us on Discord! or view our full ad here: Astrotech - PVP 0.0 corp is recruiting new contributing members

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Rebels and Renegades is a EU/USTZ corp in Warped Intentions.

Rebels and Renegades is a pvp corp run by a group of like minded older players in eve. Our goals are to be a competent corp in small scale pvp, Blops, and Alliance/Coalition level fleets. We have multiple FCs in our corp / alliance / Coalition. Who will supply you with plenty of fleets. If you are well trained and interested in pvp, from small scale up to large scale, you will fit perfectly in. That being said, we all have a real life and we understand if you have one too.

We offer

  • 0.0 PvP
  • EU, US timezone
  • small, medium and large scale pvp
  • high skilled and experienced members.
  • we help each other with everything in the game
  • awesome logistic service for direct supply from Jita to our home space, from alliance services
  • Corp Discord and alliance Mumble.

What we expect:

  • at least 10m skillpoints
  • 0.0 and pvp experience is not a must, but nice to have
  • FAX and Dread alts is always good to have.
  • We expect our pilots to be able to follow instructions from the FC.
  • learning abilitiy (nobody is perfect)

We do not claim to be better than others, but we shoot much more than we lose, and we have fun while doing so.

Join our Discord if you are interested in talking with a recruiter Discord

Or check out our Website

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Hey Irma,

I think you might be a great fit here with us!

I am a recruiter and CEO for The Icarus Expedition we are a null sec, Sov holding corp part of SLYCE alliance. We are an AU/EU/US PVP and Industry Corp based north in Deklein.

We have plenty of PVP activities going on around the clock either ran by the Alliance, Coalition or just a small gang ran by our own Corp FC’s. We also have the ability to produce everything from a small frigate all the way to Supers and Titans.

What we offer:

  • Ship loan programs for pvp and industry
  • 1-3 jumps from 2 major trade hubs
  • Jump Freighter access and close to Jita trade hub
  • Optional PvP Roams 24/7
  • Fully upgraded sov space for ratting, mining, and exploration
  • Knowledgeable and experienced leadership with strong goals
  • Extremely profitable moons to mine daily
  • Capital and T2 construction
  • Ship Replacement program
  • Low Tax Rate
  • No high pressure gameplay. We realize that this is a game and fun should be the priority and much more…

Check out our recruitment post!

If you’d like to chat or have any questions at all you can send me an EVE mail or convo me anytime. Or Join our Discord Channel

Hope to hear from you soon,

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House of Tyrell - Null Sec Corp PvP, Indy & Much Much More

We are a fairly large but a tight-knit group that values quality in our pilots instead of quantity.
Join us down in Null Sec and in our Mumble for never-ending content. We welcome all types of
pilots and offer a circus of activities in and out of our many systems for all your Eve
entertainment. Some of the things we have to offer are PvP, PvE, Moon, Regular and mining
ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. We have many Fleet commanders,
veterans, returning, and new players all willing to help, mentor joke around, and most
importantly have fun. We have stories, knowledge about the game, and most importantly
memes. Will your roar echo in the Book of Spod?
We understand that Eve is just a game and real life comes first but while online you can be
anywhere from casual to a try hardcore player and fit right in on our Team Speak. We also have
a discord that you can keep up to date with events and happenings. We are looking for new
blood whether it is a veteran lion or New Eden cubs with at least 10 mill skill points.

Any Questions or PM/Email
Orange Lucifer

in game Or Join Chatroom
House of Tyrell Pub

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Troll Legion is looking for USTZ pilots to help create a tight knit community of pvpers to take Sov space. We’re a brand new corp lead by returning Eve vets.

We’ve built a tight knit wormhole alliances before left:

Since our return we spent a couple years as sov rookies, and have fallen in love with null sec desiring to return with a team of can do pilots who will use all the tactics of small gang skirmish warfare to fight the blobs and win.

Not going to lie there are established groups which would be easier to join, but if you have the heart to try something new, come have a chat with us in the Trolling Grounds public channel.

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