3 pilots looking for a new Home in Wormhole or Null (130m 106m and 68m sp EUTZ dutch Pilots)

Hello Fellow Pilots,

We are three pilots in EUTZ, who are looking for a new Home in Wormhole or Null.

We have 130, 106 and 68 M SP. We have been in WH for the last year, but that corp is no longer in WH and we want to see what our chances are with a new corp.

We don’t fancy Tidi Pvp fights
No Mandatory minimal activity in kills or other activities
We all three have a RL and that must come first, eve is a game after all,
We like to pvp, we like to earn some iskies to pay for the PVP game.
We like to have fun in game and on comms
We are Dutch
We prefer pvp fleets, we can fly almost all ships up to cap ships
We like Corp activities, from roams, to pve, Home defence, pings etc.
We are no carebears (we have been at some point in our eve carreers)

We had some experience with CTA fleets that will take up like whole evenings and nothing happened, if that is the only thing going on that is not the place for us.

Basically we want to have fun, blow stuff up in space and not consider this a job

We would like to hear from you, this is a three pilot package, so all three of us or none.

Good day!

You honestly sound like a perfect fit for our new and growing corporation. We avoid tidi fights ourselves, they are not mandatory in anyway but if you ever fancy them the option is there. Beyond checking in on discord how you are doing, we do not have any activity requirements either. We just want to make sure you are not dead or bored! In extend to that IRL and other commitments come first.

As for what we can offer, we are a PVP and industry focused corporation that tries to become as self sustaining as possible. This means we prefer to do our own home defense, our own QRF and we do our own roams. We are part of a bigger block as an extension to the content to offer to players. At the moment we do weekly roams which we want to increase to more. We tend to do covops/ blops and specops fleets. Beyond that I think it is best we just have a chat!

If you are interested please all three of you join our discord: Hyper Meme Industries

If you’d like a bit more information, please visit our forum post: [EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

I truly hope you give us a chance and I thank you for your time in advance. Beyond that good look with your search.

Also yay for more dutch folks playing this game ~

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Heya mate,

Check out Brotherhood of Spacers. We chill out in NPC nullsec and do a lot of blops. If you’re looking to keep things chill I think we’d be a good match. Have a read about us and swing by if you agree.

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Hi lads,

We are a small but tight-knit kind of corporation with same approach of the game as you and your friends.We are mostly euros, with a few uk guys, most of the times active beetwen 16 to 21/22 et.We were allways a small gang group, our own content creators in terms of pvp, and we are not a part of any big blocks.Also, we do own a piece of sov from where we fund our pvp and infrastructure.Botom is a bit of our advert, and if anything from down there sounds ok for you, we can have a voice chat whenever.



My in game name is Scott Appleblade, my corp is a C5 wormhole corp called Shattered Phantasm.

We are looking for pilots just like you and your friends.

We offer the same in terms of what you are looking for!

We are growing in numbers, IRL first and are grown ups looking to have a chill time away from kids/jobs/wife aggro to do fun stuff like pvp and pve.

It would be really good to chat to you, please get in touch!

Heres our Discord Recruitment channel

hi there m8

Just have a look at our vid.

We are a perfect match m8 :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you all for a reply on here.
As you know we are with 3 and all that have posted here will be talked about with us 3. We also will contact the ones we want more info about. But we are in no rush.


Hi there,

We are a multi timezone ( mostly EU ) wormhole corp based out of a C2 with a null / C5 static.

No CTAs, ( unless attacked ofc )
No aggressive evictions against fellow wormhole corps

Focused on the social aspect of eve with most members knowing other members by their names and sound of their voice on comms. Not just a number.

Dont care about your Zkillboard, its your board if you want it red or green, thats your business :slight_smile:

We dont do drama, treat people how you like to be treated yourself.

Also a Dutch CEO :slight_smile:

Have a search for us in game, dive onto our Discord and come say hi.

Join us or not, still wish you and your friends all the best wherever you end up :slight_smile:

Fly safe. o7


TSSOC is a long time corp, living in an active area of null. lots of great members and a laid back family.

come give us a look

hello guys check this guys out

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