Multiple characters being sold privately

I am selling these characters privately to La*Krul:
Mist Aik
Allegra Hotanoff
Shaniqua Broakland
Tuborg Classic
Cardi Bee
Khloe Kardashian
Stardust Meana

The buyer has all the information he should need.

I’m the buyer
I’ll send isk and account info Ingame mail after work.

isk and account info sent ingame mail waiting for transfer

Payment received.

The following characters have been transferred according to instructions:
Mist Aik
Tuborg Classic
Allegra Hotanoff

The remaining four characters will be transferred in two seperate sessions as they were sharing accounts.

Cardi Bee and Shaniqua Broakland have been transferred.
Khloe Kardashian transferred, going to the same account as Stardust so i will have to wait again.
All characters have been transferred this sale is now finished.

all characters transferred confirmed thanks mate. :slight_smile:

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