My Bio cuz ccp only game me 1000 characters

Loki jemeco started his life out at The Center for Advanced Studies School and quickly grew bored of
the education systems and often found himself in trouble with his Mentors. They knew Loki was gifted
and a bright student but never learned his true potential and genius. Loki soon found himself in a group of wild and adventurous pilots that ran regular frigate races in various parts of new edin. Loki quickly found himself spending less time at school and more time working on these pilots ships. Fast becoming a skilled and genius ship mechanic. He had a natural ability to look at something and figure out what made it tick and how to improve upon it. Nothing that he couldn’t fix or push to the limits of its original design. Often noted for his clever and unpractical use of junk, bits, and bobs, to quickly repair something seemingly out of nothing. This is where natural mechanical and technical aptitude set in. He took up the thrilling and dangerous past-time of frigate racing. He found and purchased his first ship from a minmatar junk site, piecing it together out of scrap and what he could afford with the isk earned from working on the group’s ships. Constantly working on his ship pushing it to its limits. Now an establish ship mechanic he set out on his journey to be the fastest pilot in what has been come to know as the nully sub-warp death race and later evolved into the sanctioned ISGC racing league. Having become the best pilot and mechanic he attracted the attention of various organizations he was approached by a wealthy businessman to design and build ships for his pirate corporation that worked as arms dealers selling and fueling all sides of the war. Not wanting to pass up a lucrative deal such as this he accepted and later came to regret. Yes, the isk flowed in like the biomass from a Cromeaux cloning facility but, Loki found himself empty inside without the racing or danger that came with it. One day while in a test flight of a new prototype ship a group of mercenaries hired by his bosses competitors to assassinate him shutting of his clone bay to issue a timely demise. Loki found himself outnumbered and literally outgunned, this prototype ship was yet to be fitted with any turrets. The merc’s rained hell down upon Loki, his superior knowledge of ship mechanics and piloting kicked in like second nature. Outmaneuvering his new enemies, quickly splitting up the fleet and taking them out one by one. Ships collided into each other as the battle-hardened mercenaries had never seen such skill and such an impressive ship design, targeting systems unable to keep up and frantic shots being now haphazardly flung around the merc’s found themselves firing on there own. Though all the chaos Loki is as cold and calculated as a veteran war pilot. Now only one mercenary remains, bewildered and not wanting to dent his ego the merc having realized Loki never fired a single shot fled. Reporting back to his leader and informing him of the skill and sheer absurdity that he just witnessed they attempt to recruit Loki to train their pilots. But Loki having tasted again what he lost long ago had other plans for his future…

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You could paste a link to if you feel 1000 characters isn’t enough

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Its a lot easier on eyes when you dont make it a wall of text.

Do breaks.

You really need to spice up that dreary & derivative wall of text with a mining permit. It will show to all readers that the capsuleer pilot is part of the wave of the future that has challenged and overcome the decadent empires of old, also that the player behind the pilot understands what makes EVE great over other MMOs.

thanks for the suggestion and taking the time to have a look.

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