My Left Army - Mining and Industry - Seeking all player types

MyLeftArmy currently resides in high-sec operating out of all faction space.

If your looking for a low-stress place to have a good time then look no further.
We have a focus on mining and industry but are active in all aspects of eve, from exploration through to PvE and members ranging from newbros to veterans.
So no matter what your goal in eve we can help you get there!!

What we offer:

  • No time or fleet commitments
  • Regular corp Ops with boosts (get paid in ISK for the time you put in)
  • Corp buy-backs for all ore, salvage and PI at amazing prices
  • Structures available for industry and mining
  • Opportunity to progress how you want and play the game your way


  • Low stress/drama
  • Commit to the corp

Have questions? Join our recruitment channel and talk to recruiter - MyLeftArmy Rec

We welcome non-member on our corp ops to test the waters and make sure MyLeftArmy is the place for you!
Still not convinced? check us out on stream at

Contact Lance Uitra for any and all recruitment questions.

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yo yo, are you still looking for more ppl??

Always looking and all are welcome


Had a few questions:

  1. You are in high sec for some function?
  2. Any where near metropolis region? (trying to figure out how far i will have to move…lately greater than 36 jumps just to find out misinformation given LOL
  3. are there any members active:
    a: 2am - 7am GMT Monday through Friday?
    b: 8pm - 7 AM Sat - Sun?

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