Naga Gave Me Harpies Is Recruiting

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Naga Gave Me Harpies is a Null sec based PvP oriented corporation. Based in the Deklein/Fade region in Nullsec, we are a proud member of ChaosTheory and GOTG Coalition.

About us:

We are a growing corp of PvPers whose goal is to focus on quality over quantity, while having as much fun as possible. We try not to be to serious and just have a good time while trying to achieve the best we can. We strive to stay a tight knit group and avoid bloating as a huge corp where it’s members are just a number, all while still growing to be a corp of people we want to stay with.
What we offer:
•Small gang to the largest fleet battles in EvE
•Safe isk making space to buy ships to die in glorious battle
•Corp Roams/Gate Camps and BLOPS
•Capital Warfare
•Alliance SRP
•Daily PvP Fleets
•A Chilled Environment
RL always comes first. This is a game
•Helpful environment
•Jump Freighter service for corp members

What we are looking for:

•Over 18 years old (Can be flexible if mature)
•15 Mil SP minimum (Can be flexible with good Enthusiasm)
•Self sufficient with isk
•Teamspeak + Working mic / Discord
•Be able to participate @ alliance fleets when needed
•Willingness to try to be the best player you can be while having fun
•Ability to stand out and take unique roles in fleets
•mining is a perk, never an obligation

Public Channel: NGMH Public
Contact me in game in public channel or by mail in game

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Recruiting over here, Come get your candy

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Recruiting PVP’RS to roll with still

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Still recruiting if anyone wants kandy

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A rather Oddly fashioned bump for le corp

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