Nameless Minions 0.0/PVP/Small Gang/USTZ/Recruitment Open!

Nameless Minions is a corp that lives in Fountain NPC space.
We were born out of the ashes of previous FCORE English speaking alliances.
Smallish in size, we have some members with RL issues and need to fill in the holes left behind.

What we offer

  • Small and Large gang pvp (We are not F1 monkeys, there is alliance level stuff to join from time to time mostly weekends in EUTZ )

  • We live without fear of losing sov. ( Npc space gives us more time to PVP )

  • Nightly content (with the occasional day of logistics)

  • If boredom hits due to lack of targets at home we will WH to roam or gate camp.

  • We have friends all over New Eden, So taking day trips or staying on a couch for a few is easy and usually full of content.

  • Group of dedicated pilots not afraid to losing “shiny” if required.

What we require

  • 50 mill Sp min. (mostly in combat stuff)

  • Full API on application

  • No DRAMA

  • An independent way to earn ISK. (running missions/ratting/market/whatever)

  • Capitals are not a must. but having one is nice.

  • TS3/Discord

In general we are a fun, friendly, dedicated, group of pilots. If you are interested, The Minion Message is our public channel. We are in it nightly. or Mail to Randulfr in game i will get ahold of you. Convos are hard when fighting so prefer the latter.
Winning is always good, but fun can be had dying aswell. Never not take bait.
Thnx for your interest… Rand.

Our KB

Had Some good fights over the weekend. Still looking for people.

What goes bump in the night

If you have questions or wanna say hello jump into our public channel

Fcore says hello

Was a fun night.

Back at it again you should come join us

might be a little slow on the holiday. if im not on I will be soon

Been having a good day so far lots of kills

bumping machs

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