Natural Evolutions - Evolving Nightmares into Dreams

☜★☞ High risk
☜★☞ Advanced Indy - T3 cruiser production
☜★☞ WH/LS based
☜★☞ PVE / PVP
☜★☞ Casual - AU/US TZ

Natural Evolutions Public

As a predominately Australian/US Tz and part of The Wrecking Machine Alliance ( Wrecking Machine - Natural Evolutions offers a unique wormhole experience with a primary aim of researching building on mass T3 cruisers and subsystems to satisfy market demand.

To satisfy this demand, we have a need for skilled players to:-

a) complete wormhole combat sites
b) mine wormhole gas (including C5/C6 holes)
c) able to research and build T3 hulls and subsystems
d) contribute to small gang operations - including roams through low and null
d) contribute to the broader alliance operations and objectives

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