NAVY Needs You! Join Naval Defence Alliance Today

The NAVY Community is two alliances working as a unified team:

  • Naval Defence Alliance for sov, structures, and our veteran PvP pilots
  • Naval Defence Institute for our high sec, new player, and industry divisions. The Institute is always free of War Decs

NAVY is an independent sov-holding alliance in the PanFam community with space in Catch and Tenerifis. Want the fun and reward of living in null without a thousand rules and requirements to go with it? Join NAVY! Taxes are low, space is abundant, and our pilots get to play the game their way.

  • Are you a PvP corp that wants to be in null, but hates PAP links and mandatory fleets every night? Perfect, join NAVY
  • Are you a growing New Player Corp that needs FCs and teachers to help realize your dream? NAVY has skill plans, rewards, classes, and doctrines just for your newbros. Join the Institute today!
  • Are you an Industry corp that wants access to A0 stars, R64 moons, and the sweet new Equinox anomalies, but doesn’t want to live in null full-time? Join Naval Defence Institute and get the best of both worlds!

Being a member of NAVY means being part of a friendly, fun, welcoming community, and we’d love to have you fly with us.

Interested parties can join our discord here: Naval Defence Alliance
Or shoot a Discord DM to: vorengard // william.karant

Still looking for corps and pilots!

Got some sweet fights coming up in the next couple days if y’all want to participate

What could make your weekend more awesome than joining NAVY?

These moons aren’t going to mine themselves folks. Join NAVY and get rich!