Near 100 Mill SP Rounded Character - Amarr FAX/Carrier/Rorqual (Sold)

(Edit note: The buyer was unable to produce the ISK. The Character is still for sale)

Selling a all around character that has 97 Million SP.
240k SP in reserve

Eve Skill Link:

I made this character back in 2008 when I was addicted to the card game - “Legend of the Five Rings”. Bayushi means to be patient and calculating while Kitsuki is a type of attire. I’ve always seen it as having your cards close to your chest.

This character is an all round with the skill points, however he’s a near perfect Amarr FAX/Carrier (Minus Heavy fighters) and can do T2 Rorqual. Great addition to a Null focused player.

Starting Bid: 65 Billion Isk
Three day Auction Period
Extended for 24 hours due to unfaithful bid

Buyout:: 90 Billion Isk

Required Information

  1. Wallet balance.
    Will have 10 Million isk

  2. Kill rights
    No Kill Rights

  3. Jump clones
    Has 1 in Null.

  4. Character location.
    Jita - 4-4

  5. Next Re-map
    In 3 weeks

  6. Ship Skins
    Has 31 random ship skins including 2 of the recruiter skins

Please post here or send inquires to this character

Thank you and have fun!

65B I offer

I could offer 67b. Maybe 70b as a b/o

68b offer

69B offer

70b b/o as I mentioned

71b offer


Hey everyone!

Looks like roughly 24 hours left on this auction! The character is totally worth more! Please reach out with questions. In the meantime, have fun!

76 Bil

78B offer

Hey Everyone. This will close in 2 hours. XxxxXxXx Uchonela @ 78B is the lead.

I’ll directly contact the auction winner soon after.

SOLD to XxxxXxXx_Uchonela for 78B

transfer in cash?

Cash for characters is against the EULA. Per the rules, only ISK can be accepted. Since you don’t have the isk, the sale can not be honored. I can’t hold on to a sale for a week either (as you requested) since it’s unfair to others and myself.

Unfortunately, I may have to relist.

i can have the ISK ready in the three days

i mean,don’t want to use PLEX transfer,that’s too slow.

i mean can you pay the transfer fee with cash?

To be fair to everyone else, I’m re-opening this auction and extending it for 24 hours.

Please make sure you have the isk ready when you win the bid.

Yes, I’ll be paying for the transfer fee with real life currency. Looks like PLEX transfers are no longer supported.

I would like to note that with auctions, you need to have the money ready and on hand when you bid