Need pro advice (bumping alt)

Looking to turn one of the slots on my 2nd account into a perma jita undock bumper, I hear Mach is best but I don’t wanna spend too nutty of isk.

1600mm plates and speed or all speed?

What’s the best I could set up for less than say 250mil?

The Machariel, Prophecy, and Stabber Fleet Issue. All three of these make excellent bump ships. Go all speed on any of the three. Depending on what you want to bump, the Stabber can easily reach over 8,000 m/s. The Prophecy has more mass and can reach up to 7,000 m/s if I remember correctly. Machariel, of course, is king of bump, but it costs quite a bit more.

I fly a BumpNado. It has a nice spot in between the stabber and the mach and works quite well. And it looks so much better than the stabber…

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